Google childhood friends and deep dive through your Timeline posts. Social Mercury turns retrograde this Tuesday, March 5, arousing nostalgia and bringing in blasts from the past. Until March 28, the messenger planet is moonwalking through Pisces and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology.

As a sentimental Taurus, pals from your past already hold a special place in your heart, and for the next three weeks, you’ll feel an extra longing for legit face-time instead of virtual Facetime-ing.

Maybe it’s time to get the band back together or re-activate your membership in an organization that once held a special place in your heart. Reunion plans could quickly take shape, but since Mercury retrograde can create chaos with travel planning, don’t make these gatherings too complex.

All that matters is that you’re in the same space as your soul squad, even if that means hosting a weekend slumber party at Chateau Toro. The beauty of hanging with these old friends is that you don’t have to put on airs. On a technical note, be careful with home electronics.

Back up data and protect your devices and confidential information, and if something expensive breaks call in the pros instead of YouTubing for DIY fixes.

Buying expensive gadgets should also be put off until Mercury turns direct on March 28, when you’re less likely to leave with the lemon. At the very least, make sure anything you buy has a great warranty.

That doesn’t mean you can’t start shopping around, at least on Wednesday, when the annual new moon in Pisces piques your curiosity about new people and cutting-edge tech.

You’re not obligated to buy a Retina display laptop because you popped into the Apple Store; in fact, this is a great time to start researching the latest in smart gadgetry and sustainable energy, to track ways you might make your life more efficient—and green!

Nor are you obligated to be a card-carrying member of an organization just because you dropped in to their monthly meetup. Dip your toe into new social waters midweek, especially if a friend has repeatedly invited you to tag along. If you’re vibing with the people, plan on returning a few more times or finding similar activities that call to your soul.

Another reason you don’t want to get entangled in anything TOO permanent this week? On Wednesday, March 6, renegade Uranus bursts back into your sign, kicking off a reinvention tour that will change life as you know it over the coming seven years.

You already got your first taste of this revolutionary cycle from May 15 to November 6, 2018, when the side-spinning planet zoomed into your sign. During that time, life was as cryptic and unpredictable as Banksy’s graffiti—heck, you may have gone through a full-blown identity crisis!

Uranus is the destabilizer of the skies, while you, Taurus, can feel utterly unmoored without SOME sense of routine. But your mission between now and 2026 is to learn to ride the waves of change like a pro surfer. The trick is to stay connected to your breath when you feel scared and just be with the present moment.

Soon enough, you’ll get ahead of these riptides and find your new place amongst the thought leaders and disruptors of the world. This once-per-lifetime transit will help build self-confidence and increase your risk tolerance. But you can expect some losses in the process.

In 2018, this metamorphic transit may have washed away a reliable source of income or another “rock” that you were leaning on. But if you’re honest with yourself, that comfort was probably standing in the way of your own personal evolution. It’s not in your nature to put yourself first, but for the next seven years, it’s essential that you do! Avoid the trap of feeling guilty for prioritizing your personal growth.

You’re not abandoning people by “doing you”; in fact, make sure you don’t swing to the opposite extreme and start pushing away friends who would happily have your back…IF you’d ask! Odds are, most people will be happy to see you step out and shine. Give them a chance to support your emerging dreams and ambitions by inviting them in to your brave new world.

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