Seductive or destructive? The line could blur over the next three weeks as Mercury slips into a complicated retrograde on Tuesday, March 5. This one takes place in Pisces and your intrigue-laden eighth house.

What felt utterly tantalizing last week might quickly become categorized as playing with fire. Do you REALLY want to strike that match, Leo? Think it through carefully before making any rash maneuvers.

With Mercury unspooling in this relationship-focused section of your chart, getting that disruptively arousing ex out of your mind won’t be easy—and it won’t help matters much that your old flame could start pouring on the charm with out-of-the-blue texts or a request to reconnect over drinks.

But there was a reason you called this off…remember? If it was more than bad timing that broke you apart, think twice before inviting this person back into your well-ordered universe. Same holds true for on-again-off-again frenemies or ANYONE who undermines your self-confidence.

Keep a firm boundary in place between now and March 28, even if they’re extending a tempting olive branch. When it comes to new people, don’t let your rose-colored glasses screen out the red flags.

In a relationship? Having the messenger planet do backstrokes in this intriguing (and sometimes) envy-inducing sector of your chart could bring out your possessive side. If you’re toying with snooping or Googlestalking, don’t.

This breach of trust will damage a relationship more than simply asking the person in question to speak to your fears. Coupled Leos may hit some stumbling blocks over a joint bank account or other shared resources. Instead of a blowup, proactively schedule time to hash out mutually agreeable terms. Define, define, define.

Thankfully, Wednesday’s new moon in Pisces will counteract some of the Mercury retrograde fallout. If you haven’t been very much in the mood lately, this lunar lift brings sexy back in a soulful, slow-jamming way.

Step one: Start making regular movement a priority. You can start with daily walks, then quickly move it up to dancing, flowy lap swims or a life-force awakening modality like Kundalini yoga. Already attached?

You’ll long for greater exclusivity now, which could even mean getting engaged or merging your resources in a more permanent way, like buying property together. No need to rush in; just start gently nudging the relationship in that direction so you can celebrate a new milestone by the corresponding FULL moon on September 14.

If you’re certain that you want out, begin devising your exit strategy. You’ll have to be firm though. No waffling or “feeling bad” or you’ll be guilt-tripped into sticking around even longer.

Professional goals get turbo-charged starting Wednesday, as metamorphic Uranus launches back into Taurus and your career zone until April 2026. You already got a fill-up of this renegade rocket fuel from May 15 to November 6, 2018, when Uranus previewed its game-changing influence on your career.

Are you ready to enter the big leagues, Leo? Batting practice is over, and it’s time to take your rightful place in the starting lineup! This begs the question: How happy are you with your current trajectory?

If you’re less than thrilled, changemaker Uranus will bring the courage to shake things up. You don’t necessarily have to quit your day job—even though this planetary pull can make you feel THAT rash and rebellious.

But there is zero room for complacency during this seven-year cycle. Are you up to date on industry standards, software and best practices? Since Uranus rules technology and innovation, being in the know helps you keep the leading edge, so you can become (or remain) the ever-relevant leader.

Hit the seminars, register for advanced training, invest in the latest equipment. If you know in your heart of hearts that it’s time to fly free, get to work on a business plan to attract funding for the Leo Empire.

Here’s the paradox: You’ll need to be patient with the process while also buckling up for a wild ride. With spontaneous Uranus at the wheel, opportunities will pop up out of the blue, forcing you to leap or make some heart-racing decisions. Craft a plan, but be willing to update it regularly—and at the speed of light!

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