You do the math! On Monday, October 15, flirty Mercury and your ruler, amorous Venus, link up in sizzling Scorpio and your relationship house, setting the stage for one VERY romantic encounter!

If you’re newly dating, this could be the day you’ve been waiting for—to see if this has the potential to work out or whether this person is meant to be more of a “playmate.”

Happy couples can talk about an important subject you never find time for—anything from a major new purchase to “hmm, would you be open to trying…?” But since Venus is retrograde, think of this as an exploratory dialogue, not something you have to rush to plan or bring to life.

Single and searching? Drop in at a new (to you) venue, go out with a couple unattached friends and chat up the crowd, or just get into a right-swiping frenzy. Again, given Venus’ reverse commute, you still want to be selective and know that it might take until after November 16 to be certain of anyone’s potential.

If love is truly the last thing on your mind (for now), pick one key connection you’d like to nurture with more quality time. Meet for brunch and a gallery stroll. Find a fun live show tonight or belt your karaoke hearts out. The whole point is to deepen a bond and both feel enriched as a result.

On Tuesday, a balancing quarter moon in Capricorn beams into your candid ninth house. In the sign of the guarded Goat, at first this might seem helpful in addressing a situation. And yet the ninth house is the domain of spontaneity and being “honest to a fault.”

While many people think of you as a reserved earth sign, when you’re fired up, Bull, you’ve been known to charge without much of a warning. So stay in touch with your feelings mid-week. If you get the urge to tell someone off, put it in an email—that you probably should never send.

But get everything off your chest, perhaps even going a little overboard to make sure it’s ALL out of your system. Next week, if you still want to say something, give it a good stiff (sober) edit and another think.

And in the meantime, you can regain your equilibrium with a change of scenery. (Mental-health-day road trip, anyone? Or maybe just a heart-pumping night on the dance floor?) The ninth house also rules global adventures.

WhatsApp a friend in Sao Paolo or talk to folks in your London office. Even if your suggestion to visit was mostly wishful thinking, you’re priming the pump, which can do you a “world” of good!

This weekend is all about #SquadGoals and group hangs! With the moon parked in easygoing Pisces and your community corner both days, you’ll shine as a true-blue people person. Play social director and organize a gathering—or a series of ‘em.

Since this realm rules activism and humanitarian efforts, you’ll be in the mood to give back. Before you dive into the “entertainment” portion of your playdate, bring some woke friends to a political rally or neighborhood beautification project.

You’ve been gaining clarity around who your REAL allies are ever since the August 26 Pisces full moon. Best use of this knowledge?

Dedicate more time to the people who are uplifting and positive and less to the fair-weather types and especially the unapologetic frenemies.

No need to stage a dramatic unfriending; just redistribute your time and affection as you FEEL fit. Another nice perk of Pisces energy? It helps you lean in to your heart more than your head. Amen to that!

/Based On Materials From: TheAstroTwins

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