Your thoughtful, pragmatic sign doesn’t generally shoot from the hip, but all bets are off starting Wednesday, October 31.

Cosmic communicator Mercury wraps up a few weeks in secretive Scorpio and your relationship realm and moves into candid Sagittarius and your intimate eighth house until January 4. This is an unusually long phase due to an upcoming retrograde (November 16 to December 6), during which you might be better off keeping any heavy thoughts or feelings in the vault.

But before and after the retrograde should present some perfect opportunities for sharing intense musings and longings. If you’re lucky enough to have a partner you can “say anything” to, go ahead and unleash, but even then, be mindful of the effect your words might have.

You could find yourself lost (repeatedly) in reveries or scampering down rabbit holes chasing metaphysical or esoteric teachings (astrology included!). Strong emotions might bubble up, whether you can articulate them or not.

Watch for jealousy, resentment and possessiveness, which could unglue even a solid union. (Of course, they can also lead to steamy makeup sex!) Single? Be more up-front about your desires and the type of person you’re looking for. Why settle for vanilla when you’re craving Chunky Monkey?

Halloween is this Wednesday, and with the effusive Leo moon haunting your domestic zone, you may want to invite all the zombies and werewolves to Chateau Taurus so you don’t have to leave the house.

uranus in taurus

But that dramatic moon won’t be happy with understated decorations, food or beverages. How quickly can you turn your place into a haunted house or whip up a bowl of vampire-blood punch?

Take turns answering the door and plunking candy in the wee ones’ bags while everyone else gets down to the serious business of turning your living room into a monster’s ball.

Not feeling like the host with the most? Who’s throwing a party that you and your coven can drop in on? Brooms and spells optional.

Also on Wednesday, your ruler, amorous Venus, backflips out of Scorpio and your relationship zone and into Libra and your sensible sixth house until November 16.

It may be challenging to explain what you’re feeling—so maybe don’t? Discussions about emotions can get wonky now, so follow the old “show don’t tell” rule. During this transit, a former flame might spark back up, or you could find yourself fantasizing about “the one that got away.”

Is that true, Taurus, or just a fantasy you can’t let die a natural death? Of course, if it was bad timing or an overreaction to something minor that caused the split, it may be worth reaching out with a friendly—and casual—hello. With Venus unspooling through Libra, you’ll want to tend to your health.

Share your enthusiasm with a buddy, whether romantic or platonic. Keeping yourself motivated is key, and if an attraction comes out of it, that’s a win-win!

/Based On Material From: TheAstroTwins

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