You can get your healthy Zen on starting Wednesday, October 31, when mindful Mercury sheds the little black party dress and slips into mesh-paneled yoga pants.

This is usually a quick zip through Sagittarius and your wellness zone, but because the messenger planet will be retrograde from November 16 to December 6, you have an extra-long time—until January 4—to get back into a fit, strong groove.

So take your time, Cancer! The goal isn’t to become a weekend warrior or hit a certain number on the scale; true wellbeing comes from making smart lifestyle choices and creating habits that you can stick with—because you actually enjoy them!

Find ways to move your body that you will look forward to, whether aerial yoga, ballroom dancing or training for a mini-marathon. Mercury is socially minded, so organize friend dates around cardio classes and healthy brunches, and plan some reunions while Mercury is in reverse.

You might want to give yourself a night off from your new self-disciplined regimen on Wednesday, however, when all the ghouls and vampires lure you with their tasty treats (and other irresistible temptations).

This Halloween features a Leo moon shining in your sensual, decadent second house. You might want to upgrade your trick-or-treating with dinner at an upscale restaurant—or how about a wine-and-chocolate tasting?

Afterwards, slip into your sexy costume and hit a masquerade ball or some other Halloween-themed event. And if part of the ticket price benefits a charity, all the better!

As if you needed even more excitement on Wednesday! Love planet Venus does an Olympics-worthy backflip out of passionate Scorpio and your dramatic fifth house and into balanced Libra and your domestic quarters for the remainder of the retrograde (until November 16).

You might feel—for a minute at least—that the romantic roller coaster you’ve been riding has come to a stop and like you’re back on solid ground again. Um…maybe! Venus is still in reverse, so things could change on a dime.

An old flame may (try to) reignite, and you’re as tempted as a moth. But if you’re going to play with fire, be careful—especially if you’ve been burned by this person in the past. Don’t fall for glib protestations that they’ve changed.

Make them prove it, which, unfortunately, probably takes time. Of course, if this IS “the one that got away” and you’re both available, there’s probably no huge harm in giving it another go.

Venus in aesthetic Libra and your homey chart sector can inspire a renovation or move, or perhaps just a little zhushing.

First, check in with your budget (and your roommates and landlord). And remember: Because Venus is spinning backward, ideas you “fall in love with” today could be “what was I thinking?” after she corrects course. In other words, dream, plan, research, but hold off on anything that’s hard to undo.

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