Your energy is contributing to the stoking of a massive fire, which may be beneficial or detrimental. Make certain that you believe in what you are doing since you will just dig yourself further and deeper into the hole as time goes on. Above all, be loyal to your character. This week has a very unique vibe about it, which is heightened by the configuration of the planets. That friendships and relationships that haven’t quite reached the level of partnership, but are maybe gradually moving in that direction, are walking a delicate and very productive line, says the research.

The placements of the planets lead you back to the subject that piqued your interest a few months ago. It may have anything to do with a person who has piqued your interest. Whatever your heart is feeling, keep your body in tune by engaging in frequent physical activity and consuming lots of water. Your heart can’t lead you somewhere if your body isn’t in the mood to go! Rest will assist in restoring equilibrium to your digestive and excretory systems, allowing you to maintain a high level of energy for when you need it the most!

A colleague with whom you are associated or for whom you work is likely to be a thorn in your side. This individual will utilize his or her position of power to exert control over the circumstance and the people around him or her in any manner he or she can. At this point, it is preferable to collaborate with this individual than attempt to work against him. You’ve put in a lot of effort to get here; don’t let your hard work go to waste because of something stupid and inconvenient. Continue to strive for greater success.

You are in touch with your spiritual self, you like helping people, and you want to make an effort to make the world a lot better place for everyone to live in. Someone will try to deceive you in some way. People may be jealous of you if you do well. That does not mean, however, that those few individuals are representative of the whole globe. There is still a lot of compassion remaining in the world, despite recent events. Make someone’s faith in mankind a source of inspiration.

We’re planning a trip with several of our friends. Involve yourself in a variety of activities with people who keep you up to date on the newest trends in culture, Virgo. Visit a movie theatre, a bookshop, or a museum to pass the time. In this session, you should have a good time bouncing ideas off one other and exploring your thoughts and emotions. Make sure that your discussion does not devolve into a gossip session. Allowing everyone else’s concerns to overshadow your own should be avoided at all costs.

Colors of the week: Lemon Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the week: 5, 8

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: A, C

Cosmic Tip: Believe in yourself.

Tips for Singles: Those seeking love have a fortunate week.

Tips for Couples: Stay in the moment with your partner.

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