It’s possible to be confused right now. It seems that nothing fits right. You feel like you are faced with many choices and not sure which to choose. You may be afraid that you might miss something great, even though all the options seem to be reasonable. You can still find ways to incorporate what you have learned in the past. Be confident.

A breakthrough and breakdown share more in common than they do differences. You can learn a lot from failing, but there are many things you should consider after success. It is essential to cultivate a sense of routine in your life. This may be something you already recognize in your daily life. But could this also help to create a more healthy core? Would you change to green tea if morning coffee has become a routine? What about green tea? Can you make the pattern 5 minutes later?

There may be tension between your current or potential partner, especially if you have some feelings today. You can manage some extra energy by going out and doing something together that takes focus and concentration. This will bring you closer to one another, and not cause discord.

“When I stopped convincing myself that I was alone, I realized that I was surrounded — by human beings who just wanted to connect, and that was beautiful. That was when my healing began, that was when I started to realize that we need each other more than we will every truly comprehend.”

Colors of the day: Violet, Cyan

Lucky Numbers of the day: 8, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: S, I

Cosmic Tip: If you are determined then strive to achieve it without any second thoughts.

Tips for Singles: Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity that the universe is sending to you.

Tips for Couples: It is time to add some fun elements to your relationship.

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