There’s something about Cancer that makes everyone around them feel like they are special and loved.

Cancer, it’s pretty impossible not to fall in love with you. You’re open about your feelings, you have an unmistakeable warmth surrounding you, and every part of you aims to be sympathetic and understanding. People fall in love with you easily because they trust you, you make them feel seen, and they feel like you ‘get’ them without even having to try.

People with Cancer zodiac sign are full of contradictions. They can be really helpful and can turn really cranky the next moment. They may look for a settled life at one instance and adventures in the very next. They are deeply intuitive and have deep psyche which drives them from within. The unpredictability of their personalities gives them an aura of mystery which is the sexiest thing about their intriguing personalities.

Cancer knows the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. They love spending time with the people they love most and what better way to bond with you than by cooking for you?

Not only does having the ability to cook you amazingly yummy dishes make a Cancer attractive, but it means that they know how to take care of herself. Having a Cancer in your life who knows how to cook AND is independent? You just hit the jackpot.

Cancer is one of the most idealistic signs. They love to dream and they look at the world with rose-colored glasses. Cancer can sometimes be a little pessimistic if things don’t go as planned, but that never stops them from trying again.

Cancer loves to bring their imagination to the bedroom and with a little persuasion, it’s hard to say no to a Cancer. They mesh well with people who are open-minded like them because they’ll always want to try new things.

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