You are standing at the edge of your past experiences, contemplating what there is yet to finish before you step into the next chapter of your life. You might even feel as if time is running out and you need to start quickly or the opportunities in front of you will begin to fade, leaving you with pangs of regret.

However, worrying about what you didn’t do in the past only distracts you from the urgency of here and now. Hillary Clinton said, “Every moment wasted looking back, keeps us from moving forward.”


You might feel as if you’re spinning your wheels today, trying to finalize a strategy to put your life back on track. However, it’s no use making plans to reach a specific goal unless you have a clear sense of where you currently stand. Forget about the next milestone while you reassess your recent progress and your annoying setbacks.

Once you collect your bearings, you can successfully plot a path into your future. But don’t look to others for guidance now, as their advice will only cause you to doubt your own wisdom. German statesman Walther Rathenau wrote, “Truth is inner harmony.”


You can visualize a variety of scenarios which move you closer to manifesting a dream. But in this case, all roads do not lead to Rome, even if they appear to head in the same direction. You might feel a great sense of urgency to choose one route and let the others go.

However, controlling an impulsive decision now is more important than you think. Contemplate the thrill of uncertainty today, but don’t act on your emotions just yet. Iyanla Vanzant said, “Breathing deeply and releasing fear will help you get to where you want to be.”


Solidifying plans for the weekend can be tricky if you only focus on what could go wrong. You may be looking at the future through a nostalgic lens now, triggering insecurities from long ago. Although there’s something reassuring about clinging to memories, you must relinquish them if you want to be free to engage every possibility with optimism.

Instead of replaying an old tape that reminds you of a previous failure, write a new script that is pregnant with dreams yet to be realized. An Arabic proverb claims, “What is coming is better than what is gone.”


Your ability to make the best of a given situation is one of your most admirable traits. However, demonstrating your competence is not your top priority today. Instead of fixing a difficult situation, you want to learn everything you can about what went wrong first. But your desire to dig into the complex dynamics of the present moment should not be mistaken for a negative attitude.

You’re very clear about your motives now; you aren’t interested in repeating the past where it has fallen short of your expectations. Rev. Robert Schuller said, “Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.”


Sometimes you think you would be better off if you didn’t listen to anything anyone else ever said. However, this harsh judgment is likely overstated, reflecting your current frustration for being misled by a friend’s well-intended counsel.

Learning from your mistakes is always a high priority for analytical Virgos, but it’s crucial not to overcompensate and shut off the valuable support you still could receive from others. Roman statesman Cicero wrote, “No one can give you better advice than yourself.”


Your self-esteem may suffer today if you can’t keep up with the pace of events at work. You don’t like falling behind, especially if it means letting someone down. However, sometimes circumstances beyond your control could alter your schedule in ways that have immediate impact on what you can and cannot do.

Minimize collateral damage by revealing your limitations as soon as possible. Maya Angelou wrote, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”


Your creative tide rises and falls with a life of its own. Unfortunately, your optimism may be fading now, prompting you to reach for any low-hanging fruit as you reevaluate your current options. Paradoxically, your peak levels of productivity can occur when you are struggling at the lower end of your cycle.

But don’t wait until the muse returns for a visit. Jump into a project, express what’s in your heart and bring who you are to the equation. The magic will work in your favor when you act as if it is already present.


You might feel as if you’re out of sync with reality now, and unable to mesh your inner timing with outer commitments. Fortunately, everything is about to change and your recent bout of uncertainty is coming to an end. Allow yourself to experience moments of clarity without trying to make them endure.

Thankfully, each time you get a glimpse of the future, it will last a bit longer than the previous one. Nigerian poet Osho Samuel Adetunji wrote, “If you can strike the cord of consistency on the guitar of life, the world will dance to your music of greatness.”


You can’t get a clear picture of yourself today because too many memories are clouding your vision. In fact, you may look at yourself in a mirror and see someone very different from who you actually are now.

Rather than allowing past failures to darken your current perceptions, carefully separate recollections of the past from sensations in the present. Fortunately, you can achieve closer and closer approximations of the truth as long as you strive toward objectivity. Clarity is power.


Your heightened state of sensitivity might be tough to manage now, even though you are traveling through familiar territory. Your ability to psychically navigate around the illusory boundaries that separate you from others is one of your greatest strengths. However, it may be nearly impossible today to distinguish your emotions from those of people around you.

Your logic is slightly wonky but your intuition is on point. This sometimes-troublesome superpower enables you to be compassionate even in the most difficult circumstances. Pisces Albert Einstein said, “Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding.” source: TAROT

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