Good intentions can lead you down a troubled path today if you aren’t willing to meet reality halfway. Sometimes a brilliant idea just pops into your awareness and you know it’s your future course of action. Unfortunately, current circumstances are changing and you must review and revamp your plan as necessary.

Your self-assuredness can backfire if you are so convinced of your success that you ignore the signs around you. Poet Mary Oliver wrote, “To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”


You often require a well-defined mission and a practical plan in order to move forward with an idea. However, you are changing the rules today and heading toward a vague destination without the security of a map. The truth is you must cover as much ground as possible because the optimum conditions won’t last.

Get started right away so you have some progress under your belt before you need to reconsider your objectives and revise your expectations. Make hay while the Sun still shines.


You’re seriously considering the larger issues when trying to make up your mind today. The immediate situation at work is rather encouraging, but the long-term prospects might not look as bright. Meanwhile, your associates are developing a plan and they need to know whether or not to include you in the group.

Naturally, you want to improve the interpersonal dynamics, but your decision is complicated by your opposition to their methods. Open your mind and take part in the discussion anyway; fortunately, the best solutions stem from conflict and debate.


You may be so comfortable with your current plans that you miss a significant memo from the cosmos, warning you to remain flexible in spite of your self-confidence. You are determined to show your coworkers what you can do, rather than retreating to reevaluate your strategy.

Nevertheless, it’s not wise to let your ego run the show now, even if you possess the willpower to persevere. Author Carlos Wallace wrote, “Take in every detail of your environment and adapt.”


Although you’re inspired by your dreams, you carry a strong sense of purpose that sustains your enthusiasm when progress is minimal. You might be doing everything according to your plan, but the results are not exactly encouraging now. There’s no need to justify your lack of measurable gains, even to yourself.

You’re not in control of external circumstances that are currently slowing you down. But don’t lose faith; appointments with destiny are always on time.


You are driven to get to the bottom of an enigma now and your enthusiasm for research could lead you down an exciting trail of discovery. But practical issues demand your attention today, especially if you are working toward manifesting a long-held dream. You might need to set aside your unsatisfied curiosity in order to take the next logical step on your journey.

Author Jim Rohn wrote, “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”


You can’t participate in everyone else’s plans today or there won’t be any room left for your dreams. It’s difficult to say no when a friend approaches you with a wonderful opportunity, and even harder if they are overly insistent.

However, turning down a gracious offer is your best move now because it enables you to pursue your own search for success. Don’t waste time lamenting over what you might have missed. Helen Keller said, “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; for often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.”


You look to a reliable friend to be your anchor today. Perhaps your recent enthusiasm over a task prompted you to turn a molehill into a mountain. But maybe your current tendency to expand a little chore into a significant project is actually a worthwhile endeavor. It’s difficult to gauge the relative importance of your activities now. But asking for help is only one step in your process.

You still must decide whether or not to listen to the feedback. Novelist Harper Lee wrote, “Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it.”


It may be counterintuitive to pare back your involvement in a project when everything appears to be going so well. Nevertheless, today’s caution will make more sense over the days ahead. A careful and methodical approach to a complicated task lays a more stable foundation than trying to accomplish too much at once.

If you overextend your reach now, you will pay a severe price soon enough. Entrepreneur Christine Kane wrote, “Consistent action creates consistent results.”


You possess the superpower of being able to manipulate time to your advantage today. You can slow down reality in your mind, allowing you a longer stretch between experiencing an event and responding to it. Others have no inclination that anything is abnormal now. They only see you as cool, calm and composed, even in a stressful situation.

Of course, you’re not breaking any laws of physics; it’s just that the tempo of life is subjective, and your altered mental state adds extra space between each second. Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi said, “The more relaxed you can get, the better you’ll do.”


You seem to be as active as ever, jumping from one task to another, almost in a state of frenzy. However, there is a world of difference today between your outward appearance and your inner frame of mind. In fact, your external busyness may be a cover, so people don’t notice how mentally preoccupied you actually are now.

Your real work is occurring on a psychological level as you review your fundamental beliefs in order to build a solid infrastructure. Warren Buffet said, “The key to success is emotional stability.”


Following a detailed agenda today is your secret to sanity. No matter what reality tosses at you, you can take it in stride because everything seems to fit into your schedule. But don’t overdo your adherence to the clock. The peace of mind you derive from being able to count on a secure structure is comforting.

But the wisdom of knowing when to let go of a preconceived plan and adapt to the present moment is priceless. Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape. source: huffingtonpost

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