Ah, the Cancer woman. Whether you know one, you’re dating one or just considering dating one, there are some very important things you should know about her first. The Cancer woman is so much more than you think she is.

You might think she’s sweet and sensitive, or you might think she is the biggest pushover you have ever met. You may have been falsely led to believe she is too “emotional” in bed, or that, according to previous write-ups on her, she only enjoys the missionary position because of the high level of intimacy.


Well, worry no more because I can answer all of your questions by explaining every important facet of the Cancer woman’s nature.

Yep, I am a Cancer myself, and from having an interest in astrology and knowing many other Cancer women, I can safely say we are amazing women of depth.

1. What is it like to date a Cancer woman?

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Sometimes, the Cancer woman is portrayed to be this sweet, nurturing, sensitive woman who is loyal to a fault. And yes, we have that side to us, but there is so much more.

The Cancer woman can actually be pretty unpredictable, as she has a little bit of everything in her personality. She will enjoy making you laugh, as she loves it when people call her funny. If you date a Cancer woman, she will want to laugh with you as much as possible.

As happy-go-lucky as we are, the Cancer woman doesn’t like confrontation. In fact, we will typically do as much as we can to avoid it. If something is bothering us, we generally tend to withdraw and bring it up in an argument later.

2. What are Cancer women like in bed?

I guess you could say this is a pretty important question when it comes to dating a Cancer woman.

Lesson one, never refer to sleeping with her as “banging” or “tapping dat” because we will never sleep with you again. As loving as we are, we would like to be under the impression you are sleeping with us for another reason besides our looks.

Other than that, a Cancer woman can be highly dynamic in the bedroom, but it depends on her mood. She enjoys many different styles of love-making, but only under one condition. If the Cancer woman trusts you and is emotionally in tune with you, she will do practically anything for you.

On the other hand, it’s probably going to be pretty hard to get her to be freaky in the bedroom if she doesn’t feel a connection with you.

3. What should you not do if you’re dating a Cancer woman?

Although a Cancer woman usually does have a great sense of humor, if you make jokes about our weight, appearance or how attractive another woman is, we will probably eat you alive.

As we are a pretty emotional sign, we like to feel loved and trusted at all times, and we are extremely careful and intuitive when it comes to protecting someone else’s feelings. So, we hate it when someone is insensitive with ours.

Generally, the Cancer woman likes to talk about her feelings, thoughts and events in her day. We thrive on that feeling of security and the ability to share things in confidentiality with our partner. If you give a Cancer woman any reason not to trust you, then it will take quite some time to repair that trust once more. So just don’t do it.

4. How do you know if a Cancer woman loves you?

Given how nurturing and loving we are toward the people we love, you will have no qualms in knowing whether or not a Cancer woman is in love with you.

She will very easily be affectionate toward you, and she will love to hug you, kiss you and do more intimate things a lot.

If you win a Cancer’s heart, let’s just say it will be like winning the lottery when it comes to sex. She thrives on that feeling of closeness and intimacy with you, and she will love expressing her love for you over and over again.

Once she is in love with you, she will want to know how your day was and what your troubles and worries are. She will literally do just about anything to help you, and she will always put you first before herself. We are typically very selfless women, and we thrive on the peace and comfort in knowing the people we love the most are OK.

5. Are Cancer women too sensitive?

Whenever I tell somebody my star sign, I immediately get a response similar to, “Oh, you must be really sensitive.”

Firstly, Cancer is a very emotional sign, yes. But, will we bust your balls over the smallest of things? Hell no.

Generally, Cancer women are very emotionally intelligent people, and we will weigh the good and bad of each scenario. If it wasn’t done with any bad intent, then you’re probably easily let off the hook.

When it comes to others, we usually treat people with the utmost respect. So, we get offended easily when that same courtesy is not reciprocated.

Generally, a Cancer woman is very kind, courteous and humble because we have a lot of compassion and empathy toward others. We are warm, loving creatures, and our traits are so very easily mistaken for weaknesses, which is simply not the case.

6. Are Cancer women loyal?

I believe a Cancer’s loyalty is like no other. Once you have a Cancer woman’s heart, you will probably have it forever, unless you do something really bad to screw that up.

It takes a while to earn her trust, as she never gives it away easily. Yet, once she loves and trusts you, it will never waver. She will do absolutely anything to make things work with you, and she will never quit as soon as things gets tough.

As far as cheating goes, every person in every situation is different. However, given her loving and loyal nature, it is unlikely she will be unfaithful. It’s in her nature to want to talk about troubles, worries and improvements she would want to make in the relationship rather than to act impulsively.

If there is ever trouble in paradise, you will likely never have to guess how she is feeling, as she will want to communicate that with you as much as possible.

All in all, a Cancer woman is an amazingly well-rounded woman. She has so many different sides to her personality, which will almost always keep you guessing.

A relationship with her would be exciting, loving and warm, and you will most definitely end up laughing a lot along the way. /by Taylor Mosslar

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