You’re getting into a more serious frame of mind today, dear Cancer, perhaps prompted by a small reality check or maybe a criticism this morning that reminds you to take care of business. A new perspective on your career or larger goals may inspire you to make some changes.

Taking the path of least resistance today may be best to avoid stress since this day doesn’t find you at your most courageous. As well, getting some duties behind you can make you feel better all around.

You are more aware of the impact you’re making today with the Moon now at the top of your solar chart sensitizing you to your performance and what others may be thinking. If this is done in moderation, this can be a useful checkpoint in the lunar month.

You are in the throes of a complex dilemma today as work-related opportunities require your response. Every cell in your body is screaming yes, but circumstances might not allow you to proceed at this time.

Fortunately, patience is one of your secret weapons, so focus your energy on where you can be useful now and stop watching the clock. Thankfully, if it becomes a matter of who flinches first, your ability to wait for the right moment gives you the distinct advantage.

The Moon’s first visit to your career sector for the year is always going to be an important chance to get your bearings. Even more so as the first visit since both planets turned direct here over the last two weeks and with new developments on the job front later this week.

While the Moon can trigger unexpected developments, as if not more important are the Eureka moments and what your professional instincts and imagination can tell you.

Lucky Numbers: 1, 15, 18, 23, 28, 40

Daily Compatibility: Pisces

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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