You may be feeling the need for a little positive feedback, validation, or admiration from the people around you today, dear Sagittarius, with the Moon now in your solar fifth house for a couple of days.

This morning, this may not be very easy to come by, but if you work on doing things that make you happy or focus on work and responsibilities, you’ll pass the time well. You are in the mood for some fun and creative expression, and if you can do something you enjoy, regardless of whether you’re able to share it with others, then you can go far now.

Satisfaction comes from within, and if others can’t be counted on right now, this shouldn’t impact your life too much. As the day advances, communication eases and smooths out, and you find others more responsive and you enjoy yourself more easily.

You are in the throes of a complex dilemma today as work-related opportunities require your response. Every cell in your body is screaming yes, but circumstances might not allow you to proceed at this time.

Fortunately, patience is one of your secret weapons, so focus your energy on where you can be useful now and stop watching the clock. Thankfully, if it becomes a matter of who flinches first, your ability to wait for the right moment gives you the distinct advantage.

The Moon’s first visit to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart for the year comes with perfect timing. Just as the Moon is stirring your heart’s emotional responses Venus, planet of love is spending her first full week in your communication sector, where she is on a mission to give your heart a voice.

While the Moon is coming from a purely emotional place, Venus is putting heart and mind on the same page. This makes it easier to ask for what you want.

Lucky Numbers: 1, 12, 17, 37, 42, 43

Daily Compatibility: Aquarius

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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