The Moon moves into your intimacy sector for a couple of days, dear Taurus, and you pull into a more serious or observant frame of mind.

With Mercury in your solar twelfth house, decision-making tends to be a lengthier process for you these days.

Today, retrograde Mercury approaches a square to Saturn, which can make a decision even more painful! There can be some tricky energy in your communications.

Insecurities and uncertainty may be behind some of this, as this transit can bring out self-protectiveness. Otherwise, it can be about transportation or mechanical breakdowns, and possibly missed connections.

Make an extra effort to get over the smaller problems and challenges, as irritating as they are likely to be. Aim to be patient if you’re feeling blocked, as inspiration will return shortly. Getting back on track can be a priority now.

You may resist the urge to push through your fears, but confrontation doesn’t need to be a negative experience.

If someone gives you a headache now, you can either accept the pain or remove the source of it. However, it’s often not as simple as just walking away because the discomfort might follow you.

Luckily, messenger Mercury gives you a friendly cosmic nudge today, and suddenly starting a difficult conversation is easier than you think.

This is a day where there is almost too much going on, with a need to count to ten or stop and smell the coffee if you find yourself getting stressed.

You might find it hard to focus, especially if all the different dynamics in play today are demanding your attention at the same time.

The key to keeping your cool is staying in the moment. Whatever you are focused on right now is where your focus is on. This may have been adopting tunnel vision instead of multitasking.

Meryl Streep said, “Put blinders on to those things that conspire to hold you back, especially the ones in your own head.”

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