People are sensitive today, dear Cancer, and this can be in both the touchy and compassionate meanings of the word, to varying degrees. It’s a beautiful time to learn more about your own vulnerabilities and those of others you care about.

You have extra cards in your hand now with Mercury, Venus, and Chiron aligned and in harmony with your sign, and you’d be wise to play them! For example, you might take particular care making sure that others understand the intentions behind your words, and this pays off through a stronger bond.

You are inclined to express more compassion, and your words are more inclusive and caring. You want to learn, grow, and improve, and this is reflected in your communications and interactions.

Conversations can be gateways to fascinating new information and interests. Someone’s unique perspective may inspire you, or you might be the one doing the inspiring!

There can be a willingness to learn from one in another in a close relationship, as well as to learn from mistakes made in the past. Connections might form or develop through experiences and ventures far beyond the usual routine.

Your spiritual practice can take you on a journey to the far reaches of the universe today. Wherever you find religion in meditation, nature, yoga, or church the results are the same.

You are seeking the magical feeling you experience when you and the cosmos are one, and you might just get a glimpse of that metaphysical truth now. But even if you fall short of your expectations, it’s the quest and not the destination that enhances your life.

As much as the Moon might be pushing some buttons and exposing any work/life balance issues or tensions today, the timing couldn’t be better.

With both Venus and Mercury returning to your career sector over the next two days and Mars now in his final two weeks on the job front, life is about to become a lot more professionally focused and busy.

Just a day before Mercury’s return to your career sector the Moon brings a timely work/life balance reminder.

Theologian Matthew Fox wrote, “It doesn’t matter where you dig the well; you will still reach the same water.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Excellent

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 5, 12, 25, 26, 27, 38

Daily Compatibility: Taurus

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