Come out of your Crab cave (or workspace) and reconnect with your tribe! On Thursday, August 23, the luminous Sun floats into Virgo and your third house of socializing and communication until September 22.

After what might have been a quiet few weeks, suddenly your phone and social media feeds are blowing up. Don’t be surprised if you get pinged by people you haven’t heard from in eons. (And don’t be afraid to reach out to THEM, even if it has been forever!)

These could be folks from way back, a recent gig or even cool people you met on your travels. But even as you’re thinking globally, act locally by patronizing eateries, bars and shops close to your home.

It’s good for their business, a smart way to connect to the people who make your community run, and a great way to drop a bucket into the hometown vibes. By becoming more of a regular at these venues, you may find a slew of simpatico souls and outlets for your own passions.

Dig even deeper to discover indie film fests, book and wine clubs, crafty and cultural workshops and other inspiring classes. You could have a new clutch of local friends—and a full activity roster—by fall!

There are ways to stand up for yourself, your team and your beliefs without it turning into an out-and-out fight, Cancer. And Saturday’s rare and empowering grand trine involving the intrepid Sun, steadfast Saturn and innovative Uranus can serve as a wonderful teaching model.

These three powerhouse stars are all in grounded earth signs and your “people” houses, helping you explain yourself in concise, practical terms.

This can also guide you to set aside any emotions and stick to the facts. As a bonus, as you do this more and more—and are successful­—it’ll become easier, more second-nature…and feel less confrontational.

You may have to rein yourself in—a bit—on Sunday, when the year’s only full moon in emo Pisces lands in your unfiltered ninth house. But as long as you don’t actually injure anyone with your truth hammer, this could be a very good thing for your sensitive sign, which tends to hold feelings in (where they fester and grow).

Keep your Crab claws retracted, but speak your mind: Let someone know they hurt you or that you’re feeling left out of a friend group. Just pay attention to what’s gushing out so that you don’t overshare or burn a bridge you may want to cross later.

Of course, since Pisces is the sentimental romantic of the zodiac, what might come flooding out could be a confession of affection. Think it through, and if there’s nothing to lose and only to gain, let it rip!

Also on Sunday, a new or (seemingly) solid amorous connection might get a bit derailed, thanks to a harsh angle between love planet Venus and shadowy Pluto. It may be hard to get to the root of what’s really going on, and the more you push and pry, the further from understanding you feel.

A better idea? Leave it alone—for now. With shape-shifting Pluto in your partnership zone, the “truth” may be a moving target. Of course, if this is the final straw, it might be the push you need to pull up stakes and move on. /by TheAstroTwins

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