You tend to be a private person, Cancer, but even you need the occasional “oversharing alert.” Keep your cards closer to your vest from Monday through Thursday, as retrograde Mercury creeps back through Scorpio and your flamboyant fifth house.

Instead of posting sultry selfies directly to Instagram, store them on your camera app. Then see if you still feel like sharing them with the world (or your latest Hinge hopeful) when the winged messenger straightens up and flies right after the 6th.

You might decide to reserve the intimate view into your life for people who have earned your trust. Or, maybe one of these shots will be your new profile pic. The point is, after Thursday, you’ll have much more clarity about the image you want to project to the world.

Warning: An all-too-familiar face could pop up in your feeds before Thursday, as Mercury’s retrograde through Scorpio (which began December 1), also affects romance. A persistent paramour could flood you with texts, flowery gestures and seductive offers.

You won’t be thinking clearly—especially since you DID kind of fantasize about this moment happening someday. But under this nostalgic light you shouldn’t buy into this wooing. This might just be a test from the universe: Can you make better choices now, Cancer?

If it’s not an old flame who makes a resurgence, it could be someone who bears a striking resemblance, at least in character. Trust your gut and steel your willpower. It’s time to give the stable types priority placement on your dance card!

Already spoken for? Drama might disrupt the placid seas of love. But rather than paddle away from the painful conversations, drop anchor and work through the issue. These currents are par for the course in the game of love. Deeper exploration can bring you closer, even if your honesty makes waves.

Lately, it may have felt like you were the only one capable of seeing the eight-hundred-pound, pink polka-dotted elephant in the room. You’ve been trying to keep quiet about it, but on Friday, straight-shooting Mars steamrolls over evasive Neptune in your ninth house of honesty.

Translation? You can’t ignore the facts any longer. Part of you wants to continue to play ostrich, but deep down, you know that the sooner you start a conversation about this, the sooner you can start to work on a resolution.

And by bringing the inconvenient truth out into the open, you’ll know where everyone stands on the matter, so you can decide whether to move forward as a team or just move on. One thing to be careful about: While you’re justifiably upset, coming across too heavy-handed will only alienate people, not get them to rally around you.

Chill with the guilt trips, too. You might succeed at making people see the error of their ways, but they’ll only avoid you if they feel like criminals in your presence.

Even if your weekend social calendar is bananas, on Friday, you may be more interested in unrolling your yoga mat than uncorking a bottle of champagne. With the year’s only new moon in Sagittarius electrifying your wellness zone, recommit to taking excellent care of yourself while also enjoying the holiday season.

It’s not exactly the most convenient time of the year to get back in tune with healthy eating habits or finding your way to the fitness studio. But new moons are just starting blocks, so don’t make impossible pledges like cutting out sugar or working out five days a week.

Just make a point of filling your plate with plenty of fresh and nourishing food that you can “eat around” the gingerbread cookies and pumpkin pie. Going dancing might be your cardio on some days. The point is to start moving more frequently! Bonus: Grounding in your body will make you more productive.

Whip through those final 2018 assignments so you can slip off to a surf town or a ski chalet to recharge later this month. If you need some support staff or more pay, be proactive and get a performance review on the calendar, even if it doesn’t take place until early January.

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