The fireworks continue as an intellectual component is added to any existing emotional turmoil. Not much will hold you back now and, in fact, you might say more than is advisable. Although messenger Mercury prompts you to share your feelings, its opposition to Saturn in your 10th House of Authority indicates someone could demand your apology.

However, practicing a little self-restraint can prevent instant karma from slamming the brakes on your clever ideas. Honest hearts produce honest actions.


Life seems unpredictable today as cosmic winds continue to blow. On one hand, you’re ready for anything new. On the other hand, reality appears to be stacking up obstructions one after another, requiring you to work harder in order to reach your destination.

You might think you’re resilient enough to handle nearly any obstacle put in your path. However, you have no choice but to play by the rules now as stern Saturn stops you in your tracks until you acknowledge you may have overextended your limits. With humility comes wisdom.


A yellow caution flag may catch you by surprise as you head around a curve while moving too fast. Although you might ignore the warning at first, the need to slow down and take a long-term view of your life becomes unavoidable today. A vivid imagination or fuzzy thinking inspires overconfidence, but the laws of gravity do not make exceptions, even if you talk a good game.

Pay attention to every word you say while karmic Saturn holds you accountable. Silence is better than winging it now, but backing up your position with the facts is the best way to enhance your credibility.


You can express volumes with your eyes and body language without any verbal explanation. In fact, you often rely on the subtler aspects of communication, expecting others to read between the lines. But don’t assume everyone else possesses the same intuitive skills of observation as you.

Interactive Mercury’s opposition to pragmatic Saturn requires you to take extra steps to make your feelings known. If you have something important on your mind, give it voice. Miguel Ruiz wrote, “Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean.”


There is an undeniable twinkle in your eyes and an irrepressible fire in your heart, but expecting miracles will only lead to disappointment today. Although the tides of change may be currently flowing in your direction, there is still resistance to overcome — especially if you favor conflict over conversation.

Mischievous Mercury’s tense opposition to taskmaster Saturn in your 6th House of Logistics puts an immediate stop to any diversionary tactics you might employ. The big smile and dramatic flair that brought you this far won’t help you now. Adjust your attitude and count your blessings.


Personal relationships may be confusing now, especially if you contribute to the uncertainty by sharing your conflicting desires. Stability is elusive when your feelings can change in an instant. Although you might justify your strange new ideas, it’s possible to take them too far.

Thankfully, a suppressive Mercury-Saturn opposition puts the brakes on your runaway train of unrealistic possibilities. French poet Paul Valery wrote, “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”


You can unilaterally declare yourself free from obstacles that block your progress, but circumstances still prevent your forward movement. Normally, you work well with others, but obsessive Mercury’s tense opposition to judgmental Saturn forces you to take a public stand if someone is unfairly critical of your ideas.

There could be a lot riding on this pivotal moment, so practice what you’re going to say before you open your mouth. Remember, combining patience with persistence is the most effective way to reach your objectives.


Managing a stressful relationship keeps you busy now as you balance contradictory urges to get closer and to pull away from someone in your inner circle. Whether it’s your fluctuating desires or inconsistent messages from others, your personal life will flow more easily if you cultivate flexibility.

However, you may run into a wall when loquacious Mercury opposes naysaying Saturn in your 3rd House of Communication. On a deep level, you’re being asked to take what you say seriously. Convey your message carefully and remember your words carry greater authority when you speak the truth.


Although you may have some cleanup to do today if you went overboard in your pursuit of pleasure yesterday, you can still heal emotional wounds with compassionate action. Nevertheless, the richness of your fantasy life inspires you to exaggerate without considering the consequences.

However, an unforgiving Mercury-Saturn opposition won’t allow you to stretch the truth or get away with sloppy thinking. There is no escape; admit what you did wrong and try again with a renewed sense of commitment. Don’t give up on the person you are becoming.


Differences of opinion can’t be ignored today. Naturally, you want to make your point to resolve a conflict, but you may wonder how to win an argument without offending others. A strategic Mercury-Saturn opposition requires you to enter into an honest dialogue so the boundaries between you and those involved can be clearly established.

Although you may be tempted to withdraw to protect your position now, stay engaged and use this opportunity to develop your interpersonal communication skills. Albert Einstein said, “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”


Big changes occur slowly, so don’t get frustrated if your progress is hampered today. You don’t like being told no, but this is exactly what’s necessary to grab your attention. You may be impatient now that Mars is kicking up the dust in your sign, but you must prepare for all contingencies before moving ahead with your plans.

You won’t likely be able to talk your way around the current resistance while foxy Mercury in your 6th House of Work opposes immovable Saturn. Buddhist Nun Pema Chodron teaches, “Things become clear when there is no escape.”


Imagining your ideal future is pointless today, unless you’re also working toward making your fantasies real. Skepticism from people you normally consider your allies isn’t meant to prevent you from pursuing your goals.

Instead, the blessing of mental Mercury’s opposition to methodical Saturn is to strengthen your resolve so you can overcome obstacles and manifest your dreams. Limiting your fun for a while is a small price to pay for long-term satisfaction. Humorist Frank Tyger said, “Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose.”

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