A familiar dilemma resurfaces today as you struggle with finding balance between pursuing new connections and nurturing existing ones. You hope to expand your social circle to reflect your growing list of interests. Your zest for life is contagious and you’re eager to share it with like-minded people.

However, you may be spread too thin and you don’t want to destabilize friendships which have already proven the test of time. Tony Robbins wrote, “Your life is controlled by what you focus on.”


There are so many chores you want to finish today, but since you can’t do them all you must decide where to focus your energy. You might be feeling a bit frazzled while your key planet Venus is pushed and pulled by the planetary tides, flooding your 3rd House of Distractions with one interesting possibility after another.

Setting priorities is complicated when others are so positive about your future they encourage you to do everything. Nevertheless, listen to your inner guidance and pare back your ambitious goals before you find yourself in over your head.


You are champing at the bit, ready to start running as soon as you receive the signal. Fortunately, you could get the green light any day now. Hopefully, you have been preparing for your next big race and anticipate success, but there’s no reason to get lazy now that your dreams are within reach.

Nevertheless, your attitude is crucial, and you must maintain a high level of optimism while you’re still on standby. As Tom Petty sang, “The waiting is the hardest part.”


The spotlight follows you around today, even if you wish it didn’t. Nevertheless, it seems as if everyone is curious about your every move. On one hand, you want to embrace an incredible opportunity that will require one hundred percent of your available time.

On the other hand, you don’t want to surrender your autonomy. Fortunately, there is room for negotiation and your commitment doesn’t have to be all or nothing now. Justin Timberlake said, “The gray area, the place between black and white — that’s the place where life happens.”


You might find yourself in the center of a conflict between two close friends today. Although you aren’t tied to a particular outcome, you want to find the truth that’s hidden in a current flurry of angry words. Unfortunately, your very presence only exacerbates the situation now.

Examine your motives for getting involved in someone else’s melodrama. No matter what happens next, you won’t come out the winner. A Polish proverb suggests, “Every time you feel yourself getting pulled into other people’s nonsense, repeat these words: Not my circus, not my monkeys.”


Maintaining your center of gravity is an elusive goal today, especially as others continue to interrupt your peace of mind with their unresolved issues. But don’t jump to blaming someone for your fractured feelings now. People’s problems are irritating to you because they remind you of your own.

Thankfully, once you acknowledge that your energy is out of whack — with or without anyone else’s presence — you may already be on the road to recovery. Marianne Williamson wrote, “Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.”


You are ready to jump in and play the role of hero by resolving the tension at home today. Unfortunately, solving a problem is nearly impossible if you can’t reach a consensus on what the problem actually is. It should be easy enough to untangle the source of a disagreement, but words only fuel the fires of frustration now.

Thankfully, you may look back at this episode with great chagrin when you realize the triviality of the conflict. You can’t get caught up in a drama if you don’t entertain it.


Although you value your emotional and financial security, you realize holding on to the status quo can also prevent you from achieving your goals. You’ve likely been back and forth on this issue many times in your analysis of the pros and cons of your chosen life path.

Although resolution is not part of the equation today, you are more willing to take a calculated risk while bountiful Jupiter amps up your 1st House of Self. Educator W.M. Lewis wrote, “The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.”


You are hesitant to talk about your plans for the future with anyone until you have more information at your disposal. Although you are often the first one to pursue the chance of adventure, there is too much at stake now to risk losing what you’ve already gained.

Thankfully, no one is pushing you for a decision yet. In fact, you may be the only person who is even aware of your current dilemma. There’s nothing wrong with keeping an unformed idea quiet until it’s further along in development. Gandhi said, “Speak only if it improves upon the silence.”


Your sensory perceptions may be as sharp as a tack, but it’s tricky to pin down the truth today. In fact, no matter how much you adjust the fine tuning in your brain, reality keeps slipping out of focus.

You have a choice to make now: increase your frustration level by forcing answers that will not come or relax into the temporary uncertainty of the present moment. When you stop looking for solutions, you might just arrive at a previously elusive conclusion.


Everybody seems to know what they are doing today, except you. You clearly see how recent choices have put you on a specific trajectory into your future. However, you wonder how much of this path is truly yours and how much stems from other people’s expectations.

Resist all urges to make any changes yet; it’s wiser to contemplate the source of your dilemma now before making systematic adjustments. It makes no sense to prune the branches on a tree when you have a chance to get to the root of a problem and fix it there.


True inspiration can bypass the senses and evade logic. The good news is that you are downloading magic directly from the cosmos today and people seem to be captivated by your ideas. The bad news is that there seems to be no straightforward way to turn your provocative thoughts into tangible results.

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to justify your visions to anyone else. Let them wash through your mind while reserving judgment on whether or not they will be of long-term value. Time, and only time, will tell.

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