Your dreams are larger than life today, and it’s up to you to resist taking giant steps toward your goals. The inspirational Sagittarius Full Moon rocks your 9th House of Big Ideas, emboldening you to reach for the stars even while in the initial planning stages of your next adventure.

Nevertheless, the restless Gemini Sun is constrained by authoritative Saturn, revealing the holes in your current plans. Slow your roll; blindly running ahead only invites failure. Nelson Mandela said, “There is nothing like a fixed, steady aim, with an honorable purpose. It dignifies your nature and insures your success.”


You wish you could avoid drawing attention to yourself now, but you might quickly change your mind when you spot the potential for romance. The extroverted Sagittarius Full Moon energizes your 8th House of Intimacy, encouraging boldness in your personal life. However, risky behavior and spontaneous reactions are frowned upon by Saturn’s anxious aspect to the Sun.

Stretching your boundaries and speaking the truth are potent ways to widen the road to love. Carefully choosing the time and place for your revelations so others are receptive to your message is the key to your success.


You’re finally ready to reconsider your role in the process of change, especially when someone else is demanding results. The Sagittarius Full Moon rattles your 7th House of Partnerships, pushing interpersonal issues to a head. Dissatisfaction can stir you to make major improvements to attract new people into your life or radically alter the nature of an ongoing union.

Nevertheless, the Sun’s uneasy connection with naysaying Saturn requires clarity in relationships. Be totally honest with yourself while remaining kind and considerate to others.


There may be more possibilities stretched out before you than you can pursue. The expansive Sagittarius Full Moon lights up your 6th House of Logistics, enabling you to recognize how overcommitted you feel. Thankfully, you can remedy the situation by reducing your commitments, simplifying your life and maintaining healthy habits.

Explore the various alternatives within the safety of your imagination, without choosing one until the moment is ripe. John C. Maxwell wrote, “The timing of your decision is just as important as the decision you make.”


You can’t allow the expectations of others to limit your current self-expression. You are ready to move beyond a recent disappointment as the adventurous Sagittarius Full Moon casts its light in your 5th House of Love. You want more from your life now, but you might not share your material desires with anyone else.

Additionally, the pursuit of pleasure may leave you with an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach unless you also address your deeper emotional needs. There are many ways to channel your creativity, and it’s your job to find the outlet that works best for you.


Putting everyone else first seems like the right thing to do now, but you will end up exhausted if you continue to ignore your own needs while serving others. Managing your feelings is critical when the optimistic Sagittarius Full Moon illuminates your 4th House of Emotional Security, empowering you to rebuild your primary system of defense.

Redefine your priorities and reaffirm your intentions before it is too late. Don’t let the walls you build for protection transform into walls of isolation. When all else fails, love is the answer.


The absence of resistance enables you to chip away at your list of unfinished projects today. It’s tough to maintain your current interests while keeping them from interfering with your obligations. Be careful about frittering away your time unproductively while the Sagittarius Full Moon empowers your 3rd House of Information, increasing your curiosity and amplifying your thoughts.

Instead, consider the practicality of every new idea. Fortunately, tapping into your imagination inspires your creativity and advances your spiritual development. Rabbi Chaim Potok said, “As a species we are always hungry for new knowledge.”


Collaborating with others for profit or pleasure makes you more productive and your work more enjoyable. Being straightforward and honest earns trust and ensures enduring partnerships. Nevertheless, financial matters grab your attention while an extravagant Sagittarius Full Moon settles into your 2nd House of Resources, requiring you to put the brakes on your shopping spree.

Although managing your money requires a disciplined hand now, it will pay off by improving your cash flow in the future. Billionaire Warren Buffett wrote, “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.”


Taking smaller bites out of life helps you to appreciate the little things and digest your experiences comfortably. It feels like there are more responsibilities in your path now that restrictive Saturn anxiously connects with the Full Moon in your 1st House of Self.

Although you wish you could kick back and relax, you must first handle the complex tasks standing between you and your desires. Nevertheless, you have the chance to make real progress if you’re willing to put in the required effort. Committing to self-improvement will ultimately give you more control over the shape of your future.


It’s one thing to reconsider and validate your future goals, but it’s healthier for your heart if you’re just as ambitious about play now as you are about work. The Sagittarius Full Moon hides in your 12th House of Spiritual Mystery, teasing your imagination with visions of worlds beyond the one you live in.

It feels as if unsettled energy in the atmosphere is provoking your restlessness. Rather than suppressing it, take some time off to let your thoughts wander. The inspiration you gain may be worth more than gold.


Juggling your commitments requires a high level of concentration today, especially if your involvement with a group overloads your already busy schedule. The fun-loving Sagittarius Full Moon brightens your 11th House of Friends, stimulating your social life and firing up your appetite for some stress-relieving recreation.

Nevertheless, you might recognize how the immediate demands of your coworkers are already stretching you to the limit. Author Jean Paul Richter wrote, “Only deeds give strength to life; only moderation gives it charm.”


Follow your heart and continue to cultivate your dreams now, even if they seem unrealistic in comparison to your present circumstances. In fact, your idealism is counterbalanced today by reality itself. The fiery Sagittarius Full Moon accentuates your 10th House of Career, keeping you intensely focused on your overall objectives.

You are well aware that you deserve more but the Sun-Saturn misalignment suggests obstacles still impede your progress. Although you may need to convince an unsupportive boss or partner of your reliability before you are allowed to proceed, don’t trade in your authenticity for approval.

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