Gemini, you may find yourself in a conflict with one of your seniors today. They had probably assigned you a job that you have done your best to complete on time, but they do not seem to be satisfied. As a result, you feel shattered and your unhappy emotions could be projected onto your personal life. You may not want to listen to your beloved today, but this too shall pass.

As far as your physical health is concerned, you are very concerned about it and therefore, you are always attentive to your calorie intake and your exercise schedule. But today, you can feel out of place as you feel that the people around you are positively approaching you. You feel safe disheartened and some can even get depressed. The mental pressure could take a toll on your health.

You are someone who believes that when you offer respect, you ought to be respected too. You cannot help thinking about the behavior of people around you and it is justified for you to feel that way. But you should not let these emotions overpower your rationality. If you get involved in a conflict, you can end up compromising with career opportunities. As a career-oriented person, this is not desirable.

Today’s Quote: “You are driven to follow your dreams no matter what you have to endure, and that, my dear, is a priceless quality to have in your heart.”

Colors of the day: Orange, Black

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4,9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: E, S

Cosmic Tip: Do not feel disheartened today.

Tips for Singles: A little space is all you need to process all the events.

Tips for Couples: It is okay to want to be alone at times. Your lover will understand that.

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