Your life is about to take a turn today, Leo. There is a drastic change that might take place in your life. It can be positive or negative. While you can be met with new opportunities to prove yourself, all your current opportunities may be taken away too. There can be no prediction as to how you will feel in the days to come. But the change is a big one.

Your health may not have been great in the past. It is possible that a medicine could be working wonders and the doctor you least trusted has proven his/her worth. On the other hand, you can also find that your health is deteriorating with every passing day. It is not easy to deal with the mental trauma that accompanies any physical discomfort, but there are no doubts about your success.

Emotions are at extreme ends today. There is no middle ground. Either you feel elated at the prospect of offering proof of your capabilities or you feel tired of the negativity that surrounds you. Shedding tears may be a healthy expression of your emotions, but it is not ideal for you if you have some career goals. Trying to strike a balance is tough, but give it a try.

Today’s Quote: “You are driven to follow your dreams no matter what you have to endure, and that, my dear, is a priceless quality to have in your heart.”

Colors of the day: Red, Black

Lucky Numbers of the day: 1,6

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, T

Cosmic tip: Try to look at the bright side.

Tips for Singles: It is time to think hard before you decide.

Tips for Couples: Some time away from your loved one will give you some time for self-introspection.

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