Social events that are not related to business could lead to exciting new connections. Partnerships should be mutually beneficial especially if the partners you are dealing with happen to be friends. This is the time to seriously consider forming a business partnership. It’s a good idea to start or move forward with romantic partnerships.

You might find yourself obsessing about something you don’t care about today. During this time, keep your good habits and stand strong about your health. Everybody feels out of control from time to time. Remember that perfection is not possible, you don’t have to be perfect and nobody expects you. If that doesn’t work, get to bed earlier and try again tomorrow.

The current aspect lets you free yourself from any constraints you might have been forced to follow recently regarding a relationship. The atmosphere is lightened by the presence of harmony, which will encourage you to forgive, forget and relax. It’s possible to talk freely and let go of hidden tensions, without worrying about a big eruption.

“Yes, happiness leaves; but when it comes back you are always stronger, for you have understood what it means to make it out of the wreckage, you have learned how to survive in the dark.”

Colors of the day: Teal, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the day: 5, 7, 9

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: P, A

Cosmic Tip: Not every day is a good day. Live anyway!

Tips for Singles: Embrace each step towards a commitment.

Tips for Couples: Celebrate every milestone, no matter how small.

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