Your recent success could lead you to want to buy luxury goods that were once too expensive, Leo. As long as you are discerning and resist impulse purchasing, this is okay. It’s not a time for excessive food and drink. Enjoy your successes while remaining sane.

On one side, you are able to see your strengths and feel good about yourself. You feel that one thing is holding you back. You will only make yourself worse if you compare yourself with others. You can make a breakthrough if you focus on the positive and confront your negative self-talk. To keep your blood moving, keep your focus by doing some aerobic exercise.

The stars align to create harmonious partnerships today. If you have had any issues in the past you can talk calmly and quietly about them. Communication is key and so are getting out there and connecting with other people. You might consider hosting a virtual party to invite new people into your network.

“Yes, happiness leaves; but when it comes back you are always stronger, for you have understood what it means to make it out of the wreckage, you have learned how to survive in the dark.”

Colors of the day: Black, Grey

Lucky Numbers of the day: 4, 7

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: S, V

Cosmic Tip: Make yourself your utmost priority.

Tips for Singles: It is all a matter of time.

Tips for Couples: Trust your partner and have faith in your love.

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