Don’t exaggerate things today. It’s easy to get caught up in exaggerating everything and lose sight of reality. To make others feel sorry for you, it is possible to paint a horrible scene. Before you make more enemies than friendships, be honest with yourself about what is happening.

Not all days are meant to be life-altering. It is possible to feel a fizzy sensation that you don’t need right now. Relax, breathe deeply and take in the flow. In preparation for what lies ahead, do something that is good for your health. Get water and exercise, make sure to plan ahead for your meals, drink plenty of water and get outside. Do not despair, the best times are around the corner.

Everyone will feel more in touch with their emotions today. Don’t be shocked if your lover suddenly declares their love after months of waiting. Although it may appear that everything is possible, the truth is, you are better off waiting than ever.

“Maybe right now, your journey is about being alone. Maybe this is the season you are being challenged — to learn how to wake up in the middle of the bed, to finally find hope in the vacancy, hope in the quiet, hope in the way you stretch into your life and give yourself permission to take up space within it.”

Colors of the day: Lavender, Black

Lucky Numbers of the day: 2, 5

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: D, N

Cosmic Tip: Be focused and focus on your own energy

Tips for Singles: Go out and get back into the game

Tips for Couples: Communication is definitely the key but being a good listener also contributes to that process

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