Too many things around your house can lead to you being frantic. It is possible to call too many people or complete tedious paperwork. You could feel anxious by the time it is midafternoon. So, take some time for yourself once every two hours. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. You will feel calmer and more alert.

Things might feel uneasy right now, but you have the right, to be honest with yourself and not to appear indifferent toward others. You can protect yourself by staying true to the things that are right for you. Unhappiness can be caused by giving in to external pressures. Enjoy the privacy of your home, but don’t forget to keep yourself open to outside influences. It is highly recommended to practice some yoga.

It may be time to take action if you constantly think about your friend or potential partner in love. You may feel like you are in a tropical paradise but it is better to understand the reality of your relationship before you get too excited. You can then fantasize as much as you want once you know the truth.

“Maybe right now, your journey is about being alone. Maybe this is the season you are being challenged — to learn how to wake up in the middle of the bed, to finally find hope in the vacancy, hope in the quiet, hope in the way you stretch into your life and give yourself permission to take up space within it.”

Colors of the day: Maroon, Red

Lucky Numbers of the day: 7, 4

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: T, Y

Cosmic Tip: Take the plunge

Tips for Singles: Stop undermining yourself, you are worth so much more

Tips for Couples: Let your partner free for a while. Let them explore their journey

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