Today’s energies are particularly good for your emotional life, dear Sagittarius, and you’re likely to feel exceptionally comfortable in your inner world now!

Bringing more harmony to your home environment is a definite need, and you can find ways to do so today. Even so, there can be some tension and indecision in other areas of life.

Avoid overreaching with work and health endeavors. While you’re more ambitious or motivated in these areas this month, you’re currently in need of some personal space and rest, even if it’s only a short breather or break so that you can get back into the game refreshed and more focused.

Your foundation scintillates like a mirage. Some aspects are unimaginably perfect, others prove to be quicksand. Embracing uncertainty can be tricky today.

Tap into your well of enthusiasm and unconditional love. If you feel rootless, consider the miracle of a tree. Its roots don’t hold it back but bring stability for it to reach for the sky.

Taking time for self-reflection allows you to find your center and ground your thoughts. Your security sprouts from within.

This year is starting to get some serious speed wobbles and while a Mercury retrograde turn in nine days’ time will apply the brake, life is likely to remain just as busy.

This makes the Moon’s monthly visit to a nostalgic, reflective but also intuitive and imaginative part of your chart the only chance to pull over into the slow lane each month.

When the Moon returned yesterday Mars, in his early days in your work sector, wasn’t too happy. Yet this is a valuable chance to make the time to hear yourself think.

Today’s Quote: “If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

Lucky Numbers: 9, 15, 18, 22, 30, 40

Daily Compatibility: Aquarius

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

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