There is good energy for connecting with others and sharing thoughts and company today, dear Sagittarius.

The Moon spends today and tomorrow in your communications sector, encouraging you to make connections, learn new things, and reach out to others, and today, harmonizes with the Sun and Mercury in your partnership sector.

Conversations are smooth and a sweet mental exercise now. You may find yourself frequently in motion, making contacts, mingling, and not especially focused!

This is just fine, in fact, as it’s a time of the lunar month when diversifying is right for you. It’s important to mix up the routine a little.

Someone may be talking directly to you, but you can’t decipher much of anything they say. Paradoxically, paying extra attention won’t likely make the message more intelligible.

Rather than working yourself into a state of high anxiety today, quit trying to establish meaning from everything. Sometimes it’s more important to accept a person just as they are rather than to understand them.

The Moon returns to your communication sector every four weeks, but with Mercury, planet of communication only in your relationship sector for two weeks there was only ever a 50/50 percent chance their paths would cross.

Fortunately they do today and the timing couldn’t be better. Five days on from a Full Moon that may have exposed any balance issues between your personal and relationship needs the Moon, Mars and Mercury are working together today in a way that can push through any remaining communication barriers.

Author T.F. Hodge wrote, “Not every instance requires a response. Truth resides silently in the seat of power.”

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 8, 12, 14, 31, 35, 49

Daily Compatibility: Aries

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