Venus continues to face challenging aspects today, dear Sagittarius, not the least of which is a square to Saturn. This can indicate blocks to pleasure or some disconnects breaking up the flow of our interactions.

Challenges can appear that remind you to tone things down just enough to get yourself back on solid ground if you’ve gone off-path. Concern for future security ultimately helps you to focus on managing your affairs more efficiently, and that’s what Saturn’s long-term transit of your resources sector is all about.

Particular attention to practical matters can go a long way towards improved well-being. If others are not responding as you’d like, this can be a chance to reflect on recent events, get in better touch with your feelings, and rediscover just how independent you can be.

If you face criticism now, as is frequently the case when Saturn is strong and challenged, it may very well be that there’s room for improvement, even if the claims are exaggerated! You might also come to a new understanding of what you need and want from others, especially your friendships.

Life is a pilgrimage to find and live what is meaningful. According to Anthropologist Sir Laurens van der Post, the Bushmen of Kalahari talk about two hungers: the Little Hunger and the Great Hunger.

The Little Hunger is the physical craving for food and security. The Great Hunger is a spiritual yearning for meaning. Your work needs to reflect your purpose if you don’t want to plunge into futility.

You are on the path of discovering your true voice, and spending time alone in nature can assist you in growing more comfortable in your own skin. Value yourself more and others will too.

Just three days before Mars is due to retrograde back into your income sector, the Moon wraps up its monthly visit to your financial sector and just in time.

With so much still settling into place and transforming across the income, work and career fronts, this gives the Moon a chance to wrap up its first visit since last month’s solar eclipse.

On the income front you can afford to take a wait and see approach, giving you a chance to pay attention to what your financial instincts and imagination are telling you.

Today’s Quote: “When you lose something, don’t think of it as a loss; accept it as the gift that gets you on the path you were meant to travel on.”

Lucky Numbers: 1, 6, 9, 14, 20, 21

Daily Compatibility: Libra

Creativity: Fair

Love: Good

Business: Good

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