The yearly Sun-Saturn opposition occurs this morning, dear Sagittarius, and it falls in a different area of your chart this year, likely bringing a responsibility to your attention or red tape to deal with.

Blockages related to money or business, and perhaps a stronger need for security and safety, can temporarily disrupt your emotional equilibrium or your enjoyment of a relationship.

There may be a disappointment experienced, or a limitation encountered, regarding finances. Fear of loss can be at the root of either possessiveness or emotional distancing in a relationship.

Going forward, you may need to be more vigilant or cautious with money, and events occurring now can remind you of this.

Engage in worry only as long as it takes to motivate you to make changes you can control. Anything more than that won’t do you any favors!

You believe you have something to prove to skeptical people who lack faith in you and your vision.

A tense opposition between the Sun and demanding Saturn in your 2nd House of Core Beliefs seems to attract the most stubborn individuals now.

Although you have logic on your side today, it will require passion to make your point.

Wherever you meet rejection, respond by demonstrating confidence and perseverance.

Compromise will likely be seen as a sign of weakness, so stand your ground until others acquiesce.

Sometimes the right trigger at the right time can be a game changer and that’s the case with today’s Full Moon.

On its own, falling in your income sector this brings the potential for unexpected income developments.

Yet in conjunction with Ceres’ return to your career sector and with new developments pending on the job front as well, this could have a ripple effect across the income, work and career fronts. This is the start of something exciting.

Lucky Numbers: 7, 20, 30, 32, 43, 44

Daily Compatibility: Aquarius

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Fair

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