Oh, happy day! Monday, November 26, could be one of your luckiest days in a long time, Archer, so plan to meet the universe with an open mind AND heart!

That’s the only day in 12 years that the generousSun makes an exact conjunction to your heavenly helper, auspicious Jupiter, in your sign, dangling the prospect of a real-life magic show and inviting you up on the stage to participate. Normally your adventurous sign would leap at the offer, but even you have your moments of cautious deliberation.

This is NOT the time to hesitate! If anything, you want to be ready to do something bold and even a little risky—in a calculated way, of course.

You’re hosting Jupiter (AKA the galactic gambler) in your sign from November 8, 2018, to December 2, 2019, and this promises to be a time of accelerated growth and transformation.

This solar jump-start encourages creative endeavors, friendly self-promotion, and change for change’s sake. There’s nothing wrong with letting people know what you’ve been working on—and presenting it in the best possible light.

You don’t have to wait for everyone to catch up to you. Go ahead and give your competitive side a little more rein than usual. This is a day to experiment and push the envelope—and to enjoy the heady rush that comes from winning!

On Friday, your characteristic candor will come in handy, but careful who you unleash it on! Tactful Venus in your social eleventh house swings into an edgy opposition with rebellious Uranus in your theatrical fifth.

Someone—and you can probably predict who—is likely to stir up drama and tension and upset the easy flow of interactions.

If not them, then you might find yourself not-so-skillfully navigating the line between friend and frenemy or friend and lover—equally dangerous, for different reasons! Stay alert and be clear about your own line in the sand…to them and especially to yourself!

The coast should be clear for a full-blown fantasy starting Sunday, when Venus breaks loose of Uranus’ grip, shimmies out of that noisy social sector and comes in for a soft landing in Scorpio and your wistful twelfth house until January 7.

You had a sneak preview of this during the love planet’s earlier foray into these waters (September 9 to October 31), but the retrograde cycle that began on October 5 may have short-circuited your ability to enjoy the more delightful aspects of this transit. (And maybe even churned up a few nightmarish scenarios involving energy vampires!)

Good news! Now you have a chance to dive back into these deep waters and do so with gusto! You won’t need any rose-colored glasses to dial up the dreamy vibes and imagine a “happy-ever-after” ending.

This is a cycle that actually encourages you to blur the boundaries and play romantic explorer with a love interest—or to conjure one!

But even as your idealism is up, your defenses will be down, which could leave you susceptible to smooth talkers—so watch for those bright-crimson flags.

Attached? You might want to hang a metaphoric (or maybe an actual) Do Not Disturb sign on your couple bubble for the duration, as you may have eyes only for each other.

All Archers should pay more attention to their dreams, both nocturnal and diurnal, as they can contain some meaningful messages.

/Based On Materials From: TheAstroTwins

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