Time is money, Sagittarius—but earning your fortune doesn’t have to be a laborious experience. This Tuesday, October 2, the quarter moon in security-minded Cancer illuminates your eighth house of investments.

What if you could work smarter instead of harder? Your sign loves a challenge, but you can get addicted to the hard work and hustle. Lift your nose from the grindstone and strategize. If you were willing to be a liiiiittle more hands-off, could this job be done with greater efficiency?

As the saying goes, “measure once, cut twice.” We know your independent sign likes to customize, but are you tired yet, Sag? Instead of constantly reinventing the wheel, create a blueprint that can be used for production.

Or maybe you could put your hard-earned salary into a more diversified portfolio of mutual funds and even real estate—things that grow in value over time. If this is all Greek to you, download a personal finance book or sit down with a savvy friend or relative who can guide you.

Already got your funds flowing into investments? Check up on them to make sure everything is copacetic. It might be time to meet with a broker who can advise on your choices.

On Friday, Venus slips into a six-week retrograde. Until October 31, the planet of love and beauty retreats through Scorpio and your 12th house of boundaries, healing and forgiveness. (After that, she rappels down through Libra for the remainder of the retrograde.)

Use the rest of this month to do some heart healing. Did you recently weather a breakup, loss or a disappointing experience in life? You may realize that it’s time to say a final farewell or put up an uncrossable boundary.

Swaddle yourself in support for this process—but get ready for a deluge of feelings. Your heart may take a little longer than your head to resolve this, so when it comes to your emotions, don’t push yourself to “get over it” faster than is humanly possible.

Here’s an uncommon idea: Create a mourning ritual for moving through the pain. What parts of this person or situation will you always love (and really miss for a while)? Set up a temporary altar with photos or objects, allowing yourself to feel the grief fully as you sit before it.

By October 31, you might even be ready to build a fire and do a ceremonial burning of a few of those mementos—or else pack them away in storage. If visual evidence of the past is too triggering, as an alternative you could set aside a block of time each day to read healing books, journal about the loss, and give your emotions space to unleash.

The fastest way to get over hurt is to go through it fully. Trust that you’ll return to your authentic happiness (not the false cheer) once you allow yourself to plunge into the shadows. And what better time for a descent than when Venus is in Scorpio and your twelfth house, both associated with the underworld?

Coupled Archers won’t be able to sweep issues under the rug. And why should you? This Venus retrograde can bring some incredible insights for you both.

Get thee to a couples’ therapy appointment or find another outlet where you can work together to heal issues and support one another through your self-discoveries.

Single? The colored lens trend might be huge right now but keep the rose-colored glasses OFF your fall shopping list. Venus’ backspin can skew your judgment and even lure you towards the troubled types, even old hookups who seized your heart, then ghosted because they weren’t “ready” (or some other manufactured excuse).

If there’s any must-have accessory for the season, it’s a levelheaded wing(wo)man on your arm who can snap you back to reality before you race off trying to rescue a wounded bird. Retrogrades can act as do-overs, too.

If you ended a connection prematurely, you may get a second chance with your ex between now and November 16. Check in with yourself first: Is this “Let’s make it work” urge coming from a true desire or a fear that you may never find anyone else?

Some Archers might be better off taking a little time out from dating until mid-November so you can get centered in your own power again.

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