You’ve got a flood of friends, Archer, but if you’re still seeking your true tribe, Monday, October 8 new moon in Libra should prove illuminating.

The year’s only new moon in your eleventh house of community, group activity and technology can spotlight an individual or crew that’s in sync with your highest (and deepest) values. These next two weeks or six months (the period ruled by this lunation) could be game-changing.

But you can’t hang at home hiding your light! You need to get out and meet the universe—the multiverse!—partway. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel or be inauthentic, not that you could if you tried.

Just follow the thread of your passions a little further, expanding from “passive pleasure” to active pursuit. Find groups that revolve around what you love, whether that’s speaking Portuguese, knitting or belly dancing. (Or maybe, in that inimitable Sag way, finding a way to combine all three.)

Even when you’re involved in activities you’re serious about, you don’t have to BE serious all the time. Hilarity is the best medicine—and good “chasers” including dance breaks, dinner parties and karaoke nights, maybe with a little cosplay thrown in to keep things light and lively.

Just don’t tumble so far down any rabbit hole that you forget the real reason behind the activities: to connect and bond with kindred spirits!

Grab your scuba gear on Tuesday—you may be going on a DEEP dive. That day kicks off a three-week introspective cycle as mindful Mercury joins Venus (who’s retrograde) in soulful Scorpio and your enchanted, subterranean twelfth house until October 31.

Dreams, visions, psychic downloads and random serendipities will be plentiful—and rife with messages and inspiration. You’ll want to keep a notebook or recording app on hand over the next few weeks.

Plan to wake up a few minutes earlier so you can journal about your dreams immediately upon waking, when the “veil” is the thinnest. Note: This may entail going to bed a little earlier, too, but the brainstorms that comes will be worth sacrificing that last half-hour of mindless distractions.

Want to increase your chances of restful sleep and more REM time? Unplug from ALL electronic devices at least an hour before you hit the sheets. (Reading print books or magazines is fine.)

On a similar note, don’t underestimate the power of creative visualization. If you struggle to DIY, download some guided-meditation apps and listen to one a day. This is the kind of habit you’ll never want to break!

Watch where you slam those truth hammers on Wednesday though, Sagittarius. Cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars lock into a fractious square, which could twist the meaning of your words and leave someone doubled over in emotional agony.

The problem is that rash Mars is firing up your third house of communication while tactful Venus is A. retrograde and B. tucked away in your sensitive twelfth house. While the tender love goddess may TRY to tamp down Mars’ passionate emotions, she’s in very low power mode.

Before you say anything, count to ten, during which time you should weigh the pros and cons of speaking your piece. Sure, it might feel good in the moment, but then what? Even when someone solicits your opinion, strive for diplomacy over unbridled candor.

Think about it: Would you rather be “right” or still have close people in your life? For single Sags, this is an exciting time to meet someone, but try to listen beyond their words to really feel their essence.

/Based On Materials From: TheAstroTwins

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