Scorpio, it’s high time to get out of hibernation. Get out of hibernation, Scorpio. This is the day for fun and play. You can have fun and be lighthearted today. Make others smile. Allow the flames within you to burn brightest.

Balance your diet? You find it almost impossible to do something boring than doing what nurtures you alone. It’s better to nurture another person and build a connection with them. It doesn’t matter if you’re concerned about your health or how your workouts go, having a healthy relationship with yourself is important. You may prefer to chat with others online if you are interested in learning healthy cooking techniques or chatting about exercising.

One conversation may lead to a very romantic relationship. You may be able to have deeper conversations with someone you feel you can get along with. Although it may seem unusual, you’ll soon realize you share the same subject.

“Remind yourself, that you don’t always have to be strong, that you don’t always have to be the fixer. Remind yourself that you can be human, that you can ask for help; that you don’t always have to be the one to save yourself.”

Colors of the day: Grey, Yellow

Lucky Numbers of the day: 5, 3

Lucky Alphabets you will be in sync with: A, V

Cosmic Tip: Believe in your abilities.

Tips for Singles: Stop concentrating on the life of your ex, and look into your life.

Tips for Couples: A dream is just a dream until it is put into action.

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