The good, the bad, the SAGITTARIUS.

Not to brag or anything but us, Sagittarians are notorious among astrology for being the most attractive personalities. We’re a double whammy, fire signs ruled by Jupiter.

That means emotion, constant surprises and a lot of passion.

So skip the drinks: loving a Sagittarius is intoxicating enough on its own.

Whether you’re a Sagittarius yourself (or just on the roller coaster that is dating one), these truths probably sound eerily familiar to you.

1. We’re inconsistent

We know we told you last week we were taking up coding to learn more about computers. This week, we want to learn everything about growing our own succulent garden on the fire escape.

We’re more than okay with not being just one thing so if you love a Sagittarius, you’re getting a lot of different people wrapped up into one – lucky you!

2. We’re always joking

We will never, ever let a joke die. We still have bits with friends from middle school that we just can’t let go.

We will latch on to a shared joke until you get so sick of it you’ll never want us to mention “pickles” or “technicalities” again.

Love our quirky sense of humor? Will you love it at 2am when we won’t stop telling you about the hilarious moment on our favorite comedy podcast? Consider this very deeply before you get involved with a Sag.

3. We’re very inflexible

We’re so sorry about that, but we don’t want to make plans with you at 5:45 pm for a 6 pm dinner when we’re about to get off work and all we want to do is go home and watch TV.

We value our alone time and we plan on it like we’re in a relationship with ourselves. (Which we are.)

Sagittarians are very independent so don’t expect us to adjust our own schedule to fit yours.

And don’t mistake this trait for being introverted – we love plans, we just love when you make them 24 hours in advance.

4. We get into the deep philosophical stuff right away

What are your most secret aspirations in life? What recurring dreams do you have? What are your top three darkest fears and why?

These questions are all fair game on a first date with a Sag: we’re extremely philosophical.

Don’t make fun of our mantras or the fact that we credit meditation with curing our anxiety. We’re obsessed with introspection and the deeper questions of the universe.

If that intimidates you, you’re not ready to love a Sagittarius.

5. We’re a little bit reckless

Yes, we can be reckless with our emotions and we don’t always think things through, which tends to bite us in the ass.

What can we say?! We live for the experience!

But hey, this means we always have a great story to tell and you’ll never be bored.

6. And if you don’t love us, we move on fast

We can drop people like a sack of wet, stinky laundry. We don’t ever want to feel like we’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to hear what we have to say or tries to tell us what to think.

Sagittarians have a fiercely strong sense of right and wrong and if you can’t agree with us or at the least, empathize with us, we shut down. /by Kelsey Marshall


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