It is recommended that you be very careful in spending the feelings that flow from your heart.

Do not get too much into the critics of the people around you, especially if it is useful to you, and even if it’s making you uncomfortable accept it with gratitude.

Only with patience you will be able to stabilize what has been achieved so far. The planetary alignment offers a chance to get to know yourself more deeply and find that all-important emotional harmony.

Events happen differently from what you have outlined, but new turns will benefit you. It’s always good to estimate your actions and those of the people around you.

Do not be tense and disappointed because of the delay of an important meeting that can mess up your plans. Difficulties will help you prove what you’re capable of.

What you need as an individual could appear as though it directly conflicts with the needs of your relationship.

This might leave you feeling like you must choose between your personal happiness and that of your partner’s. Luckily, that is not the case.

The truth is, you’re perfectly capable of giving the right amount of attention to each of these areas. Harmony is absolutely possible but you need spend your energy focusing on the solution instead of the problem.

It’s essential to look past shadows or darkness trying to permeate your emotional world at your most passionate dreams as they can be a delightful source of inspiration and motivation now.

Getting to the truth of a romantic situation could prove tricky at this time so be prepared to continue digging.

You’re armed with as much patience and eloquence as you need to speak from the heart, and it’s by doing so that you can look past what’s negative or uncertain.

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