It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that you’re good at improvising when things don’t go your way.

Today you’ll have an opportunity to test your skills of resilience when something unexpected happens in your love life.

Perhaps your date will be cancelled, or maybe some other hiccup will disrupt your plans.

Instead of getting upset, keep things light and you’ll figure out a positive way to view the situation. The one you love will be impressed with your ability to keep a cool head when it counts the most.

There can be more benefits to taking a love life scenario at face value rather than being determined to ‘get to the bottom’ of it.

You could be trying too hard to rationalize or make sense of something that’s better off left alone.

If determination gets the better of you, then it could make you unnecessarily suspicious or overly cautious. Relax and don’t put yourself at risk of distancing yourself from someone through being overly focused – or obsessive!

The Moon is still in Cancer and in your 3rd house of communication, it is also squaring Mercury in your 6th house.

This configuration is emphasizing the importance of tending to the day to day aspects that go into building a healthy and successful romantic partnership.

While it is important to have a mental connection with your lover and have the ability to discuss different ideas and concepts with them, it is just as crucial to be invested in the more material and practical dimensions of your partnership, like dedicating a time of the day where you do something with your partner with total presence.

Also, make sure that you are putting the energy and effort necessary into making your romantic relationships work.

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