Suspend logic, Taurus, and let the sky be the limit! Although it’s your natural inclination to project manage every idea into a spreadsheet the minute the brainstorming begins, this can short-circuit the creative process.

With the Sun rounding out the last six days in Capricorn and your visionary ninth house, don’t force a blossoming idea into any sort of rigid structure. Instead, don the lab coat (or painter’s smock) and explore, experiment, and take risks in the name of discovery.

Your willingness to color outside the lines could yield some serious breakthroughs! And while you’re at it, cast a wider net. A cross-cultural mashup might evolve into an amazing hybrid when you decide to combine forces with someone from a very different walk of life.

Looking for new opportunities? Take a gamble and cold call someone you’d like to do business with. Your willingness to take a dare could be the rainbow leading straight to the pot of gold.

You might even feel like playing hooky from work one day this week…to go snowboarding or to hang out with a friend who’s in town for business. A change of scenery will activate your imagination. Surprise, surprise: You’ll actually be far more productive after you’re had some playtime!

On Friday, plunge into the deep end of the pool as cosmic copilots Venus and Mars flow into a rare and harmonious trine. Their energies are dovetailing magically, opening your heart and stirring up soulful synergies.

Mars is simmering in Aries and your enchanted, compassionate twelfth house while your ruler, va-va-voom Venus, is on a longer voyage through Sagittarius and your seductive eighth house.

Attractions will go way beyond skin deep near Friday; in fact, your psychic sensors will be working overtime! Pay attention to the gut feelings, intuitive flashes and knowing impulses that arise when you are standing deliciously close to THAT person.

These subconscious cues can lead you straight to the arms of love. Have you been waiting for the right moment to address a neon pink elephant in a relationship? Friday’s gracious energy can help you broach the matter without being too “bull in a china shop.”

You may even have a few intuitive flashes, getting strong messages that you want to share with friends—perhaps during a meditation or a dream. Although it may feel “weird” to tell them what popped into your mind, you may have channeled the very words they need to hear. Speak up!

Sunday, the Sun hunkers down in Aquarius and activates your career sector until February 18. With your ambitious side in fifth gear, focus on the loftiest goal you want to hit in the first quarter of 2019.

Now’s the time to streamline all those inspired visions from earlier this week into a solid plan—and maybe have your intellectual property protected with a trademark.

You can already start working on it at your own kitchen table this Sunday when the almost-full supermoon eclipse paints itself red in your domestic zone, sparking some major creativity while you’re all cozied up!

Ready for more gainful employment? Spend time this weekend polishing your resume and getting your LinkedIn profile up to date so you can circulate next week.

Spread the word among friends who might have a lead, and if you’re in an applicable profession, consider having a recruiter seek out opportunities on your behalf. Are you ready to break out and become the CEO of your own company?

This could be your prompt to get rolling on your business plan. Make sure to focus on the practical aspects, like your profit margins, how much of a market share can you capture, and how big your prospective audience could be.

While you may be content to live a modest life, you DO like your financial security, plus a few luxe treasures here and there. Make sure your idea will fill the coffers before you quit your day job.

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