You’re a romantic idealist to the core, Taurus, no apologies. That list you composed, titled “My Perfect Partner,” probably scrolls on forever. What can you say?

You play the long game in love and anyone who gallops your way with a glass slipper in hand had better be serious. But in all honesty, are some of your standards a little, er, unrealistic? This Monday, November 13 you might be willing to flex a little, in the name of love. Your ruling planet, amorous Venus, bedhops with broad-minded Jupiter—a once-per-year meetup that, in 2017, will fall in Scorpio and your committed partnership house. Surprise, surprise!

Someone you brushed off as “not my type” could pique your interest. You may be willing to consider a few inconveniences like “lives on the north end of the city” or even way out of town. (There could be worse things than boarding planes for long, sexy weekends, right?) Just stay open, Taurus, because astro-ambassador Jupiter might even bring a cross-cultural click.

Parental approval might not be easy, but as Jupiter reminds you, love is love! Attached? Maybe you’ve been overlooking bae’s best traits or forgetting to appreciate all the little things. A dashing display of affection will reroute you back to the love zone. How about following Jupiter’s intrepid influence and planning a surprise weekend in an Airbnb?

In business affairs, you could find the perfect partner for a project. Has someone been trying to get on your calendar to pitch an idea? Give ’em a chance to wow you this week. You’ll either be pleasantly surprised or even more certain than ever that this is not the right fit—but at least you’ll know!

On the flip side, there are Bulls who have been a little too uncaged. Have you been hoping that a horny toad might someday turn into a crown royal?

Or that the person who keeps telling you, “I love you, baby, but my life is just so complicated now,” will suddenly do a 180 and be “ready”? No, no, no, no, nooooo, Taurus. Your tenacity can leave you utterly untethered when you hang on to hope instead of dealing with reality. No-bullshit Jupiter wipes the pixie dust out of your eyes on Monday and sits you down for some real talk.

Forget those shades of grey (fifty or not). If you’re being black-and-white about it, you’re either in a relationship or you’re not. And if you’re not, then you owe zero fidelity to the player in question. Moving On.

Fortunately, if you DO need to refresh your romantic feed, Saturday’s new moon in Scorpio floats in with an assist. This lunar liftoff sets a fresh, six-month cycle in motion and helps you balance the give and take in all your important relationships.

Whether for business or pleasure, an intriguing soul could step forward—and in the process, may give you acute amnesia about that jerk who ghosted earlier this week. Since Scorpio is your opposite sign, you may feel the strongest attraction to someone who is more of a complementary force than a clone.

Coupled Bulls, co-create! What’s next for the two of you: moving in together, making babies, building your dream home?

Begin working towards a milestone that you can pull off by the corresponding full moon next April 29. Business partnerships will also get a boost from these beams. But before you form your joint LLC, lawyer up and get this one started the adult way, with everything in writing.

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