Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, which is typically one of the hottest time periods of the summer, Leos come into this world with fire and passion.

While Leos share many traits with their sign, the Lion, the king of the jungle, they’re much more complex than most people think.

If you’re a Leo or know someone really close who is one, this is the part two of seven things you’ll totally relate to.

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1. Leos give until it almost hurts.

Leo can understand boundless generosity, and they give to their few loyal associates as much as they can.

Leo hates to see a true friend suffering and they will be one of the first to jump in and offer assistance.

Leo understands that giving is also a gift to the giver, and you love the way that making your friends smile makes you feel.

Leo, you’re loyal to the bone.

Your loyalty will make you do insane things, but whatever it is someone you care about is asking you for, you’ve sure as hell got their back – even if they need help burying a body.

You’ll always be their person, regardless of the shit you’ll give them for it.

2. Leos are surprisingly sensitive.

Leos have tender hearts. The Leo might always look calm, cool and collected on the outside, maintaining a stoic demeanor in the face of all problems, but on the inside they’re actually very emotional. However, these emotions are not typically put on display for everyone to see.

Only a Leo will understand that you do feel emotional pain, but it usually is hidden deep down so that you portray an outer image of strength.

And only the Leo’s closest companions have ever witnessed their expressions of pain, frustration or sorrow.

3. They’re a bunch of hopeless romantics.

Shhh, don’t tell anyone though. Leos are extremely independent but their big secret is that they need to be needed.

As a Leo, you love grand gestures of love and affection, but hate having to ask for it. You’re the kind of person that will do pretty much anything for the people you love and the best thing is that only those who are truly worthy see that heart of gold you have.

Because you’re so loyal and just love to be in love, you probably treat your significant other like gold while your in a relationship. To you, that old school, classic type of love isn’t dead.

Leos hate feeling ignored.

Even being as independent as Leos are, nothing gets under their skin like seeing “read” beside their last text, and getting no response.

Once Leo feel ignored, they’re gonna turn icy cold, real quick.

4. They’re always thinking ahead, yet very impulsive.

As a Leo, you make plans for the future pretty much every day. You know exactly what you want – at this very moment – and can see your entire life planned out ahead of you.

Thing is, what you want changes overnight and when that change comes suddenly, there’s not much time for planning.

So, yes, you’re a walking contradiction, but don’t worry… you can always blame it on the stars.

5. Leos can smell bullshit better than anyone.

Leos may love being complimented more than anything, but don’t think you can get away with throwing a bunch of half-ass attempts their way.

It’s either people don’t understand how smart Leos are, or they’re just downright stupid.

Whichever one it is, when someone tries to bullshit you, you can always tell… And boy, are they going to regret that forever!

Fake compliments and “game” won’t get you very far at all. If what you’re saying to them isn’t genuine, don’t even bother speaking.

6. Leos are super playful and love to joke around.

Leos are fun and clever, and once they’ve gotten to know you well enough, they show affection by poking fun at you – in harmless ways, of course.

At least, it seems harmless to them. This quality has a tendency of getting Leos into trouble – not everyone can handle their ball breaking sense of humor.

Leos are a child at heart and that’s why they’re always looking to have fun.

When they’re at their best, they remind everyone around them how fun, simple and magnificent life can be, that’s why they’re pretty much everyone’s favorite person.

But, when they’re feeling blue, that darkness spreads like the plague, too.

7. Telling a Leo to calm down is the worst mistake anyone can ever make.

Leos are known to have a temper, but nothing pisses them off as much as someone telling them to calm down or that they’re making a big deal for no reason.

Let them unfold their rage and then they’ll be fine, five minutes later. How they manage to do that is still a mystery to them.

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