There could be unusually open and hopeful interactions today that help you get closer to a partner or special someone, dear Gemini.

This can be a time for adding a dash of adventure to your life with the Moon’s move into your solar ninth house, prompting you to seek opportunities to spread your wings.

You feel freer to pursue your interests, and someone may be encouraging you to do so. Clearing up problems in relationships comes easily now, and this can be true in a general sense of the year ahead!

It’s a theme that’s likely to stick with you now and through most of 2019.

You’re gaining traction in the areas of confidence and outlook, and a partnership or someone’s perspective can be integral to this. You’re pleasantly emotional today.

Persistence and patience are always rewarded. Realize that difficulties hamper your words to reach the people they are intended for.

Difficulties will not keep you from being successful for long because the planets are on your side. You are now subject to many controversies you have created yourself.

Think clearly instead of acting haphazardly. There’s a possibility that a patron will appear to help you accomplish your plans.

If you had any grand plans for a social outing or traveling, then you may have to scale them down substantially.

A great deal of money comes along with an interesting offer. A message from the universe – you need to change. Do not give in to reckless proposals.

Waking up and opening your mind brightens your day considerably. Sometimes you don’t know how much you’ve been keeping in until you let it out.

The breezy Aquarius Moon exhales a cooperative sextile and a sigh of relief with compassionate Jupiter. You might find it comforting and enlightening to discuss sticky issues with a friend today.

He or she may present a contrasting perspective which challenges your assumptions, but you don’t have to agree to get along.

Reviewing different options and solutions helps you clarify your own jumbled thoughts and return to center. Truth comes in a variety of packages.

Today’s Quote: “If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

Creativity: Good

Love: Good

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 3, 6, 13, 14, 43, 48

Daily Compatibility: Libra

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