Friday’s starmap brings a needed reality check. Your big-hearted sign doesn’t have an “off” switch when it comes to giving, but as the week draws to a close, you might find yourself desperately searching for it!

On Friday, February 1, a tense Mars-Pluto square may clue you to the fact that someone has been taking advantage of your magnanimous nature. At work, you may have been carrying the weight for a person who always has an explanation for why they can’t put in 100 percent: sick parents, no child care, car problems…you name it.

In your personal life, you may have been doing the Lion’s share of housework, grocery shopping (and paying!) or simply giving your mate more attention and affection than you’ve been getting in return.

As a self-reliant fire sign, you like to THINK you don’t need anyone to fill those needs for you. But you’re still an emotional human being, and with that comes the desire to bond with someone on a deep and mutual level.

A tough but essential question to ask yourself is: Why DO you give so much? Could this be an attempt to “win” someone’s love or loyalty? Can you believe that people do love you for who you are, not what you do for them? We’re not saying this is easy, but it IS essential if you feel any relationships are skewed.

Ready for some sexual healing? The doctor is IN this Saturday as flirty Venus in your frisky fifth house tag-teams with liberated Uranus in your adventure zone.

If you’re flying solo, this is a perfect day/night to get your glam on and paint the town vermilion as only a jungle royal can do. See if you can leave the “agenda” and judgments at home and just be in the moment—that’s when you’re at your most magnetic and charismatic.

Talk to people with an open, friendly vibe: Don’t try to “figure them out.” Odds are, the less you try, the more likely you’ll be to get exactly what you’re hoping for!

Attached? Shed the comfy house clothes, dress up and go out and do something that says romance to you, whether that’s a candlelit white-tablecloth dinner or a head-banging live concert.

That you’re doing it—and loving it—together is the whole point. This is also a highly creative day, so if you’re in the middle of an artistic or passion project, carve out a few hours and tune in to the Muse channel!

Turn that passion toward yourself on Sunday, when gentle Venus swings into Capricorn and your sixth house of healthy living and self-care until March 1. It’s easy for your noble sign to put others’ needs and desires first, but at what price?

Healing and true beauty is an inside job, and this Venus cycle can ignite your lit-from-within glow. You’ve got a few weeks to get some new habits in place and set a few realistic goals for yourself.

How can you tweak your meals to attain more sustained energy and help you feel lighter and more “at home” in your body? Are you getting enough exercise?

That doesn’t have to be a structured class or routine, you know. Walking, cycling and dancing are all wonderful ways to move your body. Find things you actually enjoy doing, and it’ll never feel like a struggle.

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