The Moon moves into your partnership sector this morning, dear Taurus, and you’re feeling more sociable, preferring some company to going it alone. Venus moves into your solar fourth house today and will stay here for over three weeks, bringing more artistry and harmony to your family and home life until September 19th.

It’s a great cycle for quiet, comforting, and familiar pastimes and pleasures. You can be particularly attached to the past for now. This can be a pleasant time for decorating, hosting, entertaining, and family activities. Venus here can boost your relationships with family, and with yourself!

Today’s Sun-Mercury conjunction also keeps you looking at the past with an eye for the future. You might gain new ideas or insight into a creative or romantic matter, particularly related to old feelings and connections.

Reviewing old ideas can lead to a recycling experience, as new methods can come to light that can be very important in the months to come. Today is past-focused, but tomorrow’s influences help you move ahead.

Someone’s words or mannerisms can trigger memories that take you on a sentimental journey today. Although you’re not necessarily feeling lazy, you prefer to hang out at home with your family now rather than running off to chase an elusive fantasy into the sunset.

Consider yourself blessed that you’re able to enjoy the present moment without trying to turn it into the future.

Author Shaun Hick wrote, “I hasten to sleep so that I might dream and color my mind with a myriad of things.”

There are a lot of different forces vying for your attention today, but in terms of urgency it’s the Moon’s position in your relationship sector.

This is the Moon’s penultimate visit before Jupiter returns to kick off your most important relationship year in over a decade. Yet why this is so important now, is that the Moon is fuelling your emotional responses just a day after Venus left your communication sector.

With Ceres staying behind, this is a valuable chance to give your emotional responses and relationships a voice.

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