While there is a lot of attention to the playful side of your life these days, dear Taurus, you’ve just begun a nine-month cycle that boosts your home and family life. This cycle brings more warmth and nourishment to your domestic world.

It’s a good time for tending to the hearth and making things right, secure, and comfortable at home so that you can more confidently deal with life outside the home. Many influences in your solar chart are encouraging you to share, connect, and express yourself rather freely these days.

The more secure you feel, the better and more rewarding this expressive period will be, so pay due attention to any activities that strengthen your self-image. Today, you are in an excellent position to share ideas with people you care about, and you can be quite impressive to others now.

You’re ambivalent about your tasks at work today, but it may not matter because you can count on reality to determine your direction. However, you might be unwilling to tuck away your dreams in the back of a closet now.

Nevertheless, there isn’t time in the day to handle your responsibilities and pursue your personal ambitions. Thankfully, the game isn’t over; unexpected opportunities to turn a passion project into a full-time gig are just around the corner.

Martin Luther King Jr. said “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

As the Moon and Saturn align in your financial sector today, this is a chance for your financial instincts and a steely sense of resolve to come together.

As well as an intuitive feel of where you need to take responsibility, there will also be a chance to gauge where things are naturally moving.

You’re in the early phase of the most powerful months of this financial year. But it is all about taking your own power back, while doing what you can, with what you’ve got, from where you’re at.

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