Fear of exposing your emotional vulnerability may cause you to clam up in front of your paramour today, and this will be especially true if you’re feeling relationship pressure at this moment.

As difficult as it may seem, however, pushing past your fears will be a boon to your love connection, because having deep conversation with the one you love can be the medicine for what ails you right now. You’ll find yourself feeling liberated the moment you let your heart speak truth to power.

If you’re willing to be supportive and listen, then an outcome to a discussion or exchange can be positive.

Someone close might have a home truth or an uncomfortable fact to convey that you might dismiss instantly, but with a bit of willingness to hear them out, you could discover their point contains more than a nugget of truth.

The Moon is in Leo and in your 4th house, however it is also opposing Mars in your 10th house as well. This is emphasizing the importance of finding balance between being content to spend one on one time with your partner on your own and also finding some kind of project or collaborative work that you can do together out there in the world.

So often people end up feeling frustrated, bored and restless in their partnerships and that could very well be because they seek to create something larger and less “personal” with their lovers.

How can you and your partner find something that you both feel called towards and start some kind of project where you pursue that mutual calling of yours?

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