Aries: God rattling proper you have to be fearful of me, who’s in management? // Management

Taurus: All we do is drive, all we do is consider the sentiments that we conceal // Drive

Gemini: I discovered God, I discovered him in a lover // Coming Down

Most cancers: I attempted to scrub you away however you simply received’t depart // Haunting

Leo: Do you name your self a fucking Hurricane like me? // Gasoline

Virgo: Do you keep in mind the style the style of my lips that evening I stole a little bit of my mom’s fragrance? // Roman Vacation

Libra: Do you tear your self aside to entertain like me? // Gasoline

Scorpio: I’m begging you to maintain on haunting // Haunting

Sagittarius: so devoid of shade he don’t know what it means // Colours

Capricorn: When you wanna break these partitions down you’re gonna get bruised // Citadel

Aquarius: And all the children cried out please cease you’re scaring me, I can’t assist this terrible vitality // Management

Pisces: I bought my soul to a 3 piece and he informed me I used to be holy // Maintain Me Down

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