Today’s energies speak of personal growth, dear Taurus. With the Sun in your sign in harmony with Pluto, you’re in an excellent position for self-renewal through activities that feed your spirit, travel, and learning. It’s a beautiful time for sharing your ideas with others, self-promotion, and marketing activities.

Your beliefs are evolving, and you’re expressing yourself well. In fact, you can be highly persuasive right now. This can be a time for meeting people who have interesting things to show you and who change your perspective. As well today, an idea forms, or a missing puzzle piece is found that completes a picture of a matter related to the past or a secret.

It’s an important day for understanding elements of the past that have prevented you from reaching your highest potential. Self-improvement activities are particularly attractive now. New information can surface about your past, or you can have sudden insight into how to put something, or even someone, behind you.

Your thoughts are running through your brain at the speed of light today, but you appear calm, cool and collected on the outside. Unfortunately, trying to unify these diverging energies could be a hopeless task that leads to frustration. Ironically, the stress dissipates quickly once you realize you don’t have to resolve your current dilemma.

You can continue to watch the inner show while acting as if nothing is happening at all. Keep going through the motions while simultaneously watching the movie playing on your inner screen. Fantasy and reality feed each other if you let them.

It was the Moon’s visit to your work sector over the last few days that has fuelled a new sense of determination on the income and job fronts and the timing couldn’t be better. This has been the perfect warm up for the South Node’s return to your career sector today, shifting the dynamics of your professional year, again.

As well as opening the doors to the past and untapped professional potential, this creates some stunning dynamics across the income, work and career fronts.

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