You’re in a particularly advantageous period with Venus, your lovely ruler, now in your sign (until July 4th), dear Taurus.

People are attracted to you more than usual – they appreciate the traits that you most naturally express and they’re getting the intentions or messages you’re conveying with your body language. Of course, there can always be unwanted attention now, but overall, you’re in a good position to attract positive situations into your life.

You crave love or attention, and you care more about your attractive powers than usual during this cycle. Despite a marked craving for appreciation, you’re often functioning quite independently as you feel the ball is in your court.

This is an excellent period for employing your charms, personal flair, and personality, in general, to get more out of life.

Others are taking note! Work might also be quite available to you in the coming weeks. Today, the Moon in your partnership sector tends to stir the desire for companionship.

You can hear the sweet sounds of pleasure knocking at your door. Fortunately, enriching Venus dances into your sign today, offering you material and emotional abundance over the next few weeks.

However, a potential downside to this cosmic good luck is the irrepressible temptation to overindulge in all types of sensory delights.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself as long as you remember your limits.

Gary Zukav wrote, “Practice moderation in all things except love.”

After the nearly six weeks in Taurus, spread across two visits, Mercury finally moves on today.

A day after Venus’ return, this finally gives Mercury permission to shift his focus onto your income situation, where he’s able to lend his smart head for money to the cause.

This leaves Venus alone in Taurus and not due to leave for another four weeks she’s set to make them count. It’s your heart that gets the final days in where you’ll take this new solar year.

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