There is extra energy with you today, dear Taurus, and this can reach a level of combust or, if you find the right channels to express it, a more courageous and bold approach to your life that opens up doors.

The Sun-Mars conjunction responsible for this increase in energy happens in your home and family sector and in a sign that conflicts with yours, pointing to possible frustration. Watch out for ego-driven conflicts and impatience to push something forward prematurely.

Be direct but also sensitive to others’ feelings, as difficult as this may be today. You may be coming across as brusque, but you are more sensitive than usual, and you may not be prepared for others’ reactions!

You may be moved to defend a loved one today. Aim to do a household project or invigorating activity with family now for best results. Being active and productive is the most satisfying use of today’s energies.

One of your ongoing concerns is how to keep motivated as you drive toward your goals without pushing against others too forcefully. If you’re overly aggressive, you may face negative consequences as someone backs away, leaving you on your own. However, your emotional intensity is hot right now maybe even too hot to handle.

Use your moral compass to stay on course. You don’t have to put out your internal fire; you just need to find a constructive outlet for your irrepressible energy. Ben Franklin wrote, “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”

Now in her last full week in your income sector, Venus is busy making connections with the professional gods. Last week it was an alignment with Jupiter in your work sector. Today it is an alignment with the South Node in your career sector, 12 days before a lunar eclipse there.

With massive job growth ahead and unexpected career developments, Venus is working to give both job and career matters a lucrative sense of direction.

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12, 13, 23, 25, 28, 31

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