Christmas is almost here! This means that some people are already putting up their Christmas trees and lights, decorating their homes, playing nonstop Christmas music, making gingerbread cookies, and starting their holiday movie marathons. On the other hand, others are feeling like a total Grinch during the holiday season. But, is your love for the holidays written in the stars?

Each of the twelve zodiac signs has both positive and negative traits that play a critical role in how the holidays affect us. According to astrology, some signs can deal with the holiday hustle and bustle better than others. Without further ado, here are the top 7 zodiac signs who are totally feeling the Christmas spirit!


Cancer is a homebody – very nurturing and caring sign that loves his/her home and family. This also means that people born under this zodiac sign adore the holidays and they don’t see any reason to wait until the last minute to get it all done. Cancerians love to care for those they love, so they will have all their Christmas shopping done before November ends. They’re extremely creative and enjoy decorating for the holidays, so they will probably be the first of their friends to have their Christmas tree decorated. Cancerians want to spend the holidays with their loved ones and to them, this really is the happiest time of the year.


The holiday season is the perfect time for relaxation for the Taurus. Every year, when Christmas time arrives, these individuals go back to being children which means that they will have a lot of fun building a snowman, making snow angels, having snowball fights, and wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. Although many people think that the holidays can be particularly stressful, hard-working Taureans think that Christmas season is the only time of the year where they can slow down, relax, and eat all they want, while everyone around them rushes to get things ready in time for friends and family to celebrate with them.


Virgo is a horoscope sign that’s all about cleanliness, hygiene, and good order. This means that during the holiday season, Virgo’s OCD will kick in immediately just to make sure the decorations in their home are absolutely perfect. Virgos love decorating their homes with snowmen, gingerbread men, ornaments, holiday-scented candles, and Christmas lights that will show off their holiday spirit. Even though they’re perfectionists who won’t stop until they’re sure that everything goes smoothly every year, they also love snuggling beneath cozy blankets and relax while watching Christmas movies with their loved ones.


Warmhearted, generous, and enthusiastic, Leo loves everything about Christmas. Those born under the sign of Leo love children, so even if they don’t have any of their own, they will still find a nephew or a niece to spoil and shower with gifts for the holidays. They’re very generous people, able to spend a fortune on the perfect gifts for their loved ones, because, to them, Christmas is all about making other people smile. Leos can easily show love and affection to people, but they also need this generosity and affection reflected back to them in the form of admiration. They’re also very creative and they love cooking, so they will probably make the most delicious holiday treats and hope to get the attention of others.


Libra is the sign of harmony, balance, and beauty. People born under the sign of Libra adore beauty in all forms and enjoy the finer pleasures of life. Libras are also hopeless romantics who think that Christmas is the most romantic time of the year. During the holiday season, they will be watching classic Christmas movies, listening to Christmas tunes, decorating their homes, and kissing under the mistletoe. However, because Libras are very indecisive, they will be contemplating about which gift to buy for everyone, what decorations to put up, or what to wear to a Christmas party. So, if you have a Libra in your life and their holiday indecision is spinning out of control, help them during the decision making process.


Pisceans adore the holiday season because they get to do all of their traditional holiday favorites. That means they will be watching Christmas movies 24/7, baking cookies in the shapes of snowflakes and ornaments, sipping on hot cocoa, and wrapping presents for their family and friends. Pisceans are always excited about the holidays and they’re able to spend a lot of time and money just to find the best gifts for everyone. Christmas is the perfect time for dreamy Pisceans to create their own holiday wonderland and the best part about their enthusiasm is that they can make any Grinch get into the Christmas spirit, too.


Aquarius is another zodiac sign that loves the holiday season and looks forward to the start of a new year. These quirky and outgoing people most likely already have their New Year’s resolutions written out, because they’re always looking towards the future. Aquarians really enjoy shopping for gifts, but they also love creating their own, homemade presents for their loved ones. They get very excited watching their loved ones opening the gifts they’ve chosen. Known as the rebels and the humanitarians of the zodiac, Aquarians will most likely celebrate Christmas in a unique way, such as volunteering and lending a helping hand during the holidays. /by Cultureastrology

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